Condé Nast Held in Contempt for Publishing Michael Wolff Column

J.K. Trotter · 11/18/15 01:48PM

Earlier this year, England’s attorney general accused the magazine publisher Condé Nast of interfering with the 2013 News of the World phone-hacking trial by permitting British GQ to publish a courtroom report—excerpted here—by the American media columnist Michael Wolff. The charges were brazenly contemptuous of press freedom, but as we noted at the time, they apparently inspired Condé to erase nearly every trace of Wolff’s column from the internet. Today, the Lord Chief Justice of London’s High Court of Justice ruled against Condé in an eleven-page decision, holding the publisher in contempt of court:

Naomi Campbell Asks the Questions Now

Chris Mohney · 01/17/07 08:20AM

In addition to finally copping to her cell-phone maid assault, Naomi Campbell has somehow scored a sweet interviewer's gig with British GQ. This supposedly came about due to Naomi's stellar performance when grilled for GQ by an old enemy, i.e. columnist Piers Morgan; he had to pay her $1.7 million in damages in 2004, back when he edited the Daily Mirror and his paper invaded her privacy by running pictures of her attending NarcAnon meetings. One assumes that most of Naomi's interview questions will revolve around the location of her jeans.