Private Islands of the Rich and Famous · 10/19/11 04:08PM

Legendary actor Marlon Brando never got along very well with celebrity photographers. In fact, the notoriously difficult thespian clocked "the Godfather of U.S. paparazzi culture," Ron Galella, after a taping of The Dick Cavett Show in 1973. Brando paid a $40K settlement to cover Galella's broken jaw and suffered an infected hand as the result of the incident.

Woman Who Abandoned Kids Years Ago Now Wants Their Money

Lauri Apple · 09/21/11 07:04AM

When Canadian truck-driving man Ken Anderson was only 15 years old, his parents "abandoned" him, he says. Dad died, and mom Shirley barely stayed in touch over the decades. Then one day she realized that Anderson and his siblings should each start paying her $750 every month. Because of all the sacrifices she made. And the love she gave.

Woman Hits Moose With Car After Sister Hits Moose With Car

Lauri Apple · 08/29/11 11:08PM

The moose of Canada are stalking and haunting Connie Evirett and Yvonne Studley, two car-driving sisters from British Columbia. Last month Studley, 49, had a car accident involving one of the beasts; the melee left her in a coma, and the moose in a moose coffin. Then, while on the way to the hospital to visit her younger sister, 51-year-old Evirett had a moose/car accident of her own.

Will the Marijuana-Guarding Bears Be Killed?

Lauri Apple · 05/08/11 03:01PM

A group of hibernating black bears who supposedly worked as security guards for some alleged Farmer Potpusher in British Columbia should be waking up really soon, says B.C. province's environmental minister. If the bears don't learn how to forage fast, they might be goners.