Naomi Campbell Claims Racist Slur Caused Terror Flight Air Attack

ian spiegelman · 06/21/08 01:30PM

Scary-hot attack doll and terrible person Naomi Campbell says the victims of her latest round of beatings are racists, though she can't or won't identify who supposedly uttered the slur that supposedly sent her into slap-and-throw-things-at-people mode. "British Airways rejected claims of racism on Saturday after supermodel Naomi Campbell, who pleaded guilty to assault in a foul-mouthed 'air rage' incident, said she was likened to a black 'Golliwog' doll during the flight. BA said it did not accept the accusation made by Campbell, who was convicted of assault on Friday and sentenced to 200 hours of unpaid community work, that someone on the flight called her a 'Golliwog supermodel.'"