The Most Unique Nursery Rhyme You'll Ever Hear

Matt Cherette · 04/26/11 01:08AM

On Saturday night's episode of Britain's Got Talent, the audience was treated to the most pleasantly unexpected piece of nostalgia they'd witnessed in awhile when 35-year-old schoolteacher Edward Reid took the stage to perform a dramatic medley of nursery rhymes we all grew to love as kids. If this doesn't make you smile, then nothing will.

Susan Boyle's Campaign to Win Next Year's Razzie

Aaron Coleman · 07/18/09 02:30PM

Eking out a 16th minute, housefrump-turned-household-name Susan Boyle sits with Today to voice soundbits with all the enthusiasm of a funeral director. Once more, with feeling, Suze! And Cowell, send her to Lee Strasberg, stat!

The Wintour Of Our Discontent

Foster Kamer · 06/20/09 09:15AM

The infamous Vogue editrix loses her party planner, House as a tranny-nun, Governator Ahnold's real-life action sequence, a sad Hollywood divorce, midgets, gays, nerdy Jews, scary Americans, more Gossip Girl action, and Gary Busey. Presenting your Saturday morning Gossip Roundup:

Video: The Return Of Susan Boyle

Foster Kamer · 05/25/09 01:00AM

Onetime Britain's Got Talent underdog turned operatic, tearjerking sensation Susan Boyle made her return to the stage tonight on the semi-final episode of the show. Did she come correct?