The Persistent Failure of Steven Brill

Hamilton Nolan · 06/23/09 10:06AM

Steven Brill has a reputation for being a media wise man—a deep-thinking mogul who's always spotting the opportunities of The Future. Which is kind of strange, since the majority of his projects have been ostentatious failures.

Emily Brill Writes In About Her New Start Away From Dad

Ryan Tate · 02/01/08 06:48AM

Emily Brill, daughter of publisher Steven Brill, wants everyone to know she is not spoiled or benefitting from her parents' wealth, despite her recent yacht trip to St. Barth's. In fact, while chatting with a hot cockswain in the Caribbean shallows, she decided "my parents are out" and she's going to basically blog for a living, including about her "intimate meals with George Clooney," "exotic trips," "the Ritalin," and the "Manhattan event circuit." She's quit her job for NBC Universal in 30 Rock. And no one had to peek in her Facebook profile to find out — Brill wrote it up on her new website and emailed us twice about it in the course of an hour. After the jump, Emily Brill's Virgin Islands transformation, her alienation from her family and how she's "striking back."

The Second Generation

Nick Denton · 01/15/08 05:37PM

Emily Brill, daughter of the publishing entrepreneur, Steve Brill, has a new body. And she's wants everyone on Facebook to know it. To the left, the publishing heiress in 2005. To the right, a current Facebook profile picture, on a yacht in the Caribbean, about 100 pounds lighter.

Radar love

Gawker · 01/25/03 01:58PM

People slated to write for Maer Roshan's new mag, Radar, include:
Jonathan van Meter, founding editor of Vibe; Jake Tapper, who wrote Down & Dirty for Little Brown about the Florida vote recount; Vanessa Grigoriadis, a contributing editor at New York; New Yorker contributor Mark Leyner; former Brill's Content media writer Katherine Rosman; and Toby Young, author of "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People." (Hmmm... Toby Young and Tina Brown contributing to the same magazine... Bets on how long before the first restraining order?)
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