New York: Best City for Dudes' Night Out

Jeff Neumann · 04/20/10 04:20AM

And it's still a decent place to get laid, too, according to a new poll from that ranks the 29 best cities for dudes to totally live in. The city received a perfect score for nightlife.

Media Bitchery: The Definitive Bibliography

Michael Weiss · 06/18/08 04:13PM

Think of how easy it might have been to understand Arianna Huffington's bloggy animus toward Tim Russert if there were a book out chronicling all the sordid details of their decade-and-a-half-long secret feud. (There is.) Every gossip-mongering gadabout should know the full backstory on every spat, falling out, and long-running mutual antagonism in media. Below are the volumes no shelf should be without.


Gawker · 03/12/02 05:01AM

For the next few days or weeks or as long as I feel so inclined, I will be answering "Frequently Asked Questions" for those of you who may be new to Gawker. The first five are below. Submit new questions to