Why 50 Cent Will Never Watch Fox News Again

Seth Abramovitch · 07/17/11 09:06PM

50 Cent has declared war on Fox News. Which of their journalistic transgressions drew his ire? "Hating on NBC for having chris brown on unbelievable...never watching that again. He paid for his mistake #!@%*# holes." Fight the power, 50. [Twitter]

Ivanka Trump Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Lauri Apple · 07/17/11 04:42PM

The Summer of Babies continues! Today Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner said howdy to their brand-new daughter. No name yet (maybe Donaldeena?). Obvs Ivanka's the ultimate glamour-mom, but will Jared make a dutiful dad? Hmmm. [Image via AP]

Casey Anthony Freed

Max Read · 07/17/11 09:51AM

You may want to block your aunt on Facebook for the next couple days: Casey Anthony was released from jail just after midnight, 12 days after being acquitted of charges that she murdered her daughter Caylee. [CNN]

Black Inmates Live Longer Inside Jail

Seth Abramovitch · 07/14/11 11:51PM

A study of 100,000 North Carolina inmates found black men were twice as likely to die outside prison than in, but white men were slightly more likely to die inside prison than out. [Reuters]

Spain's Annual Running of the Frat Boys Ends

Jeff Neumann · 07/14/11 04:23AM

This year's running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain was pretty mild as far as injuries go: Only 41 people were hospitalized during eight bull runs this week. Good job, bros! [AFP]

Egypt Fires 669 Police Officers

Max Read · 07/13/11 11:03PM

The Egyptian government is firing some 669 police officers (including 164 officers) "over the killing of protestors" during this year's successful revolution—a key concession to the new crop of protests that has sprung up this month. [BBC]

Someone Injuring Seattle-to-Portland Cyclists with Tacks

Seth Abramovitch · 07/12/11 01:05AM

Some jerk threw tacks on a stretch of highway covered by the Annual Seattle To Portland Bicycle Classic, causing one rider to hit the ground and lose consciousness. Other riders got away relatively easy with flat tires. Dick! [KATU]

60,000 Unsolved Murders In Rio

Seth Abramovitch · 07/10/11 10:19PM

Rio de Janeiro, the site of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics, has 60,000 unsolved murders, a new investigation by the federal Ministry of Justice reveals. 24,000 of the victims haven't even been identified. [AP]

Can Carnie Wilson Save Her House?

Lauri Apple · 07/09/11 04:07PM

Actress/Wilson Phillips member Carnie Wilson, seen here with Twisted Sister's Dee Snider, faces foreclosure and only has till July 21 to square up her mortgage. Hope you hold on to that house, lady! (Seriously, we do.) [Image via AP]

Man Killed By Grizzly Bear at Yellowstone

Seth Abramovitch · 07/06/11 11:56PM

A grizzly protecting her cubs attacked a couple at Yellowstone, killing the husband. It's the first fatal attack there in 25 years, but the third in the region this year. Officials say the bear "behaved normally" and wouldn't be killed.

Court Ruling Ends Don't Ask Don't Tell 'Immediately'

Max Read · 07/06/11 06:37PM

The Pentagon says it will "immediately" comply with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals' ruling that the military must lift its ban on openly gay service members. President Obama repealed the policy last year, though the repeal wasn't immediate. [NJ]

Now There's Video Chat in Your Facebook

Adrian Chen · 07/06/11 01:10PM

Facebook just introduced a powerful new way for you to avoid doing your work: video chat built by Skype. It should be no surprise this comes as Google Plus gets rave reviews for its own video chat feature, Hangouts. [Gizmodo]

Libyan Rebels Now 30 Miles from Tripoli

Jeff Neumann · 07/06/11 07:20AM

With NATO air support, rebels battling Muammar Qaddafi's forces have attacked in the Gualish area some 30 miles from Tripoli today. Still, Brother Leader has proved to be quite resilient, so don't make any bets. [AFP]