Adam Weinstein · 01/14/14 03:37PM

"Mistakes were clearly made," New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said of Bridgeghazi/Bridgegate in his State of the State address this afternoon. Yes, benevolence and competence can be really difficult sometimes. As can the avoidance of clichés and the passive voice.

Chris Christie Didn't Tell You About a Meeting With His Traffic-Closer

Adam Weinstein · 01/14/14 02:11PM

In his marathon Bridgehazi therapy session/press conference last week, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie insisted he hadn't met with David Wildstein, the official who caused traffic problems in Fort Lee, "in a long time, a long time, well before the election." Like, say, when they hung out during the traffic jam.

Tom Scocca · 01/09/14 12:00PM

In his ongoing damage-control news conference, New Jersey governor Chris Christie has said he has spent two sleepless nights* searching his soul about his staff's misbehavior in the bridge-closure scandal. Christie has also said he only learned about the misbehavior yesterday morning.