Reasons Why You Cannot Be a Bridesmaid

Caity Weaver · 10/03/12 05:05PM

This morning a tipster forwarded us an email from a future bride laying out some ground rules for her prospective bridesmaids.

There's Going to Be a Bridesmaids Sequel Without Kristen Wiig?

Brian Moylan · 01/04/12 02:45PM

There may be another Bridesmaids movie that has nothing to do with Kirstin Wiig. This is like Laverne and Shirley when there was no Shirley! Where can I send my anger? What is the address to send shit stained wedding dresses in protest? It seems Universal is the culprit.

Ranking Every Movie I Saw This Year

Brian Moylan · 12/28/11 05:01PM

I go to the movies a lot. Just about every week, in fact. Rather than just telling you the best and worst movies of the year, I thought it would be fun to rank every single movie I sat through in a movie theater in 2011. Here's the complete list.

Here Are This Year's Golden Globes Nominees

Brian Moylan · 12/15/11 11:00AM

It's officially awards season now that the secretive geniuses at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association have announced the nominees for the Golden Globes, Hollywood's self-love and booze fest. The Artist appears to be the big winner, but that's not surprising at all. However there are some shocks to be had.

The Sad, Sexy Ballad of Chord Overstreet

Richard Lawson · 07/05/11 05:08PM

The blonde moptop was going places on TV's Glee until he abruptly wasn't. Also today: Bridesmaids is super successful, the new Chelsea Handler sitcom is not, and some info on actresses' paychecks.

Everyone Skips Mutant Summer School

Richard Lawson · 06/06/11 10:16AM

Though it initially looks like X-Men: First Class isn't as big of a hit as it could/needs to be, things might be OK. Meanwhile, things are definitely OK for funny ladies and funny old men.

All the Awesome Jokes Left out of Bridesmaids

Brian Moylan · 05/25/11 05:51PM

If you saw Bridesmaids you probably thought it was hysterical. Well, just think of how much funnier it could have been if they'd included Jon Hamm's dirty sex positions, the descriptions of nasty smells, or the funny lines coming out of a little boy's mouth. Just the rapid fire succession of all these outtakes will make your mind boggle. And you'll probably laugh once or twice, too.

Women Be Moviegoin'

Richard Lawson · 05/16/11 10:54AM

Holy ladies! While their movie wasn't number one, because they're still not men, of course, women surged into a big second-position at the box office this weekend. What's next? Women voters? Women motorists? The sky might be the limit.

Bridesmaids: Women Can Be Funny Too?

Richard Lawson · 02/01/11 04:23PM

Here's a trailer for the Judd Apatow-produced comedy Bridesmaids, a movie that may finally solve that age-old debate about whether women, the ones with the vaginae, can be funny or not. Judging from this trailer, it looks like they can!

Creepy Man Goes Through Bridesmaid Train While on His Back

Matt Cherette · 12/06/10 02:13PM

Did you know that, at wedding receptions, it's apparently tradition for the groomsmen crawl under the legs of bridesmaids/female guests? What's not traditional, though, is to do so while on your back. Watch this guy find out the hard way.

Worst Bridesmaid Prank Ever Leaves Bride Paraplegic and Unmarried

Maureen O'Connor · 11/17/10 05:57PM

Rachelle Friedman's bridesmaids pushed her into a pool's shallow end, breaking her neck and leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. Now she can't marry her fiance because their combined income would cause her to lose her Medicaid benefits.

Be My Bridesmaid. But Fix Your Ugly Parts First!

cityfile · 07/24/08 08:29AM

It's bad enough when bridesmaids are picky about the cut of the peach satin dress they're asked to wear. But now it seems that some horribly insensitive women are unwilling to have a bit of surgery to make sure everyone looks their best on the big day. Don't they know they probably need it done anyway? Today the Times reports on the alleged trend for women in a wedding party to have group cosmetic enhancements at the behest of the bride: