Russell Simmons Fends Off the Press with Cash

cityfile · 10/14/08 01:09PM

How do you get those obscenely annoying photographers from TMZ to stop hassling you? If you're a hip-hop mogul worth hundreds of millions, the solution is simple: You slip the offending photographer a twenty dollar bill. Video of Russell Simmons' handout after the jump.

Fashion Week Tix

cityfile · 08/27/08 06:54AM

A company called In the Know Experiences promises they can get you into any event during Fashion Week. They buy you in, of course, a process that probably involves shoving wads of cash in the faces of young, underpaid publicists. At least now you'll know what's going on when you find yourself seated next a middle-aged mogul from Kazakhstan! [Radar]

Basking In Feud Afterglow, Trump Tries To Leave $2 Mil On Rosie's Dresser

heatherfug · 07/30/07 07:35PM

Perhaps seeking a little insurance in case NBC gets cold feet about renewing its vows with The Apprentice, Donald Trump tried to snuggle up to arch-enemy Rosie O'Donnell's ratings-saving bosom. reports that, as part of a "celeb-driven season," The Donald offered the pigfaced mess a cool $2 million to work for 12 days on the struggling reality show about boardrooms, professional finger-pointing, and unnatural follicular biology:

Megan McCarthy · 07/18/07 02:44PM

Valley tech reporters, long mesmerized by bribes of chocolate in the monthly press kit, become distraught when mints arrive this month. []