Bill O’Reilly at Catholic Fundraiser: I Want to Beat Up De Blasio

J.K. Trotter · 04/04/14 02:45PM

Bill O’Reilly wants to pummel the mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, for demonizing the wealthy. “I want to beat him up,” the Fox News anchor said of Hizzoner. (You can hear the audio above.) O’Reilly revealed his violent wish at a Thursday fundraiser for the Church of Saint Mary, a Catholic parish and K-12 school in the Long Island hamlet of Manhasset. As the Bible says: The rich will inherit the Earth.

Fox & Friends Considers the War on Halloween

Richard Lawson · 10/24/11 02:03PM

This morning the clown-wigged sea snakes of Fox & Friends shifted from Christmas to Halloween, discussing some school principals who are waging war on school-time Halloween festivities. The sad outrage of it all!

Poor Susan Lucci Forced to Make Out with Fox & Friends' Brian Kilmeade

Richard Lawson · 03/30/11 11:09AM

This morning on Fox News's idiot conspiracy bunker variety hour, the pulsating nerve sacks were talking with veteran soap opera actress Susan Lucci. What were they most curious about? All those soap opera kisses of course! So they asked Susan for a tutorial.

Fox & Friends Tackles the Weight of the Man-Purse

Lisa Gagliardi · 02/15/11 02:20PM

Men are now enduring similar back pains to what women have been suffering for generations all thanks to the growing popularity of the murse. Is it any surprise that we learn Brian Kilmeade is a follower of this questionable trend?

Fox & Friends Love Teddy Bears

John Siegel · 08/25/10 02:15PM

The results of a travel study presented Brian Kilmeade an opportunity to show his sensitive side on Fox & Friends this morning. After learning that one in four men travels with a stuffed friend, Kilmeade introduced his best bud.