A Virtual Party Report from the 'Time 100' Gala

Brian Moylan · 04/27/11 02:50PM

Last night Time magazine had their big fancy shindig for its "100 Most Influential" list and many of the anointed showed up to Jazz at Lincoln Center to be rich, famous, and beautiful together.

Our invitation must have been lost in the mail, but we did send fictional freelancer Betsey Morgenstern to ask everyone some questions. No one responded to her querulous queries, but we have to print something, so here is what she asked everyone.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 07/10/09 06:34AM

Adrian Grenier turns 33 today. Jessica Simpson is turning 29. City comptroller (and mayoral wannabe) William Thompson is turning 56. Former mayor David Dinkins is turning 82. Times film critic A.O. Scott is 43. Showtime chief Matt Blank is turning 59. Author and marketing guru Seth Godin is 49. Writer Alice Munro is 78. Actress Sofia Vergara is 37. Eunice Kennedy Shriver is turning 88. The Office's Phyllis Smith is 58. Socialite Lisa Anastos is 41. Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan is turning 52. And Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys is 55. Weekend birthdays below!

Lindsay Lohan Will Stop At Nothing to Expand Her Spray-Tan Empire

The Cajun Boy · 07/08/09 07:27AM

Lilo stole the formula for her spray-tan product and passed on a starring role in The Hangover, Britney Spears visits the Eiffel Tower, Mischa Barton's wisdom teeth are making her bloated and Megan Fox steps out in an Armani dress.

Sharon's Air Rage Incident, Beyoncé's Growing Fortune

cityfile · 07/08/09 05:49AM

• Sharon Stone is denying reports she was detained by the police after she getting into a fight with a flight attendant on a trip to Salt Lake City. Yes, she says, she did get into an argument, but the cops who met her when her plane landed were just there to protect her from hoardes of "autograph seekers." That makes sense! [Independent]
• Count Alex de Lesseps is throwing cold water on the rumor he's reuniting with his wife, "Real Housewife" LuAnn de Lesseps. [P6]
Beyoncé comes out on top of Forbes' new list of top-earning celebs under the age of 30. The triple-threat is estimated to have brought home $87 million over the past year. [Mirror]

Nothing's Lost Forever

Richard Lawson · 03/19/09 09:44AM

A SAG-sack returns, two beauties team up for impossibly beautiful lovemaking, Up graces Cannes, Kevin Costner is back, and so is Behind the Music.

Oscar Gallery: Media Mogul Edition

cityfile · 02/23/09 10:13AM

You've seen the slideshows of celebrities on the Oscar red carpet. Here's how various media moguls dressed up for the big occasion. Lots of really boring black tuxedos after the jump.

Deep Inside Grazerhead: The Hairdo Origin Myth

Seth Abramovitch · 12/05/08 01:10PM

This year's Halloween festivities were made more terrifying than ever with the introduction of the printable Grazerhead mask, sending an army of superproducing ghouls down the streets of L.A. in search of delicious, Nobel Laureate-worthy brains on which to feed. Indeed, Grazerhead has given us so much, and asked so little in return, that it dawned on us recently that we might have taken it a little for granted. Surely it didn't just appear fully formed on the horizon, like some caveman-stupefying monolith built by an unseen extraterrestrial species. To be even more specific, what of the spiky outcroppings that line its crown, like the thorny needles of some exotic flora? Or, to put it more plainly, what's with the hair, dude?

STV · 12/01/08 05:20PM

Nottingham Lives: Mere days after we moved our old Nottingham files to the basement, leave it to Brian Grazer to revive talk of his presumed-dead Robin Hood retelling for another round of casting speculation. To wit: It'll make everything easier if Russell Crowe just plays all the roles himself. "[W]hat Robin Hood does is he sees Nottingham in battle very early in the movie and Nottingham dies," Grazer told MTV News. "And Robin Hood takes over the identity of Nottingham. That's how it plays out." Call it a spoiler alert, if films opening 10 years from now can have such things. [MTV]

Grazerheadmania Grips Local Charity Event

Seth Abramovitch · 11/14/08 04:15PM

Big ups to everyone who made it out to VH1 Classic Rock Autism Celebrity Bowl Off at Lucky Strike Lanes last night. You can browse a gallery of them here, a Malta Summit of Z-lister statesmen and royalty including Corey Feldman, Bachelorette dumpee Jesse Csincsak, and Gretchen Bonaduce and Tiffany—posing in the same photo. (Denis Leary couldn't make it, but sent along a message saying that "knocking down pins with a big heavy ball is about as backwoods retarded as your stupid, lazy-ass kids.") But it's attendee Billy Morrison who most caught our eye, less for what we now know are his musical contributions to The Cult and Camp Freddy, but rather for channeling the unmistakable essence of a certain superproducer headshot worshipped 'round these parts like a Shroud of Defamer Turin. Click for your full, glorious view of what Grazerhead hath wrought. [Photo credit: FilmMagic]

The 'Da Vinci Code' Sequel Has Its Secret Weapon: Tom Hanks In a Speedo

Kyle Buchanan · 10/28/08 12:30PM

Surely, Hollywood has entered a brand-new golden age of male objectification, whether it's the display of Jason Segel's flaccid member in Forgetting Sarah Marshall or Billy Crudup's irradiated super-schlong in Watchmen. Now, in an interview with USA Today about the Da Vinci Code sequel, Angels & Demons, producer Brian Grazer announces that the 52-year-old Tom Hanks will be the next male actor to bare (almost) all. While the scantily-clad Hanks won't be going full frontal (gotta keep that PG-13 rating!), Grazer promises the next best thing: