South Park's Sexting Advice for Brett Favre

Matt Cherette · 10/27/10 09:31PM

Since 30 Rock (here) and SNL (here) already threw in their two cents re: Brett Favre's sexting scandal, it seems only natural that South Park would be next. Watch as Cartman visits "Captain Hindsight," who has some advice for Favre.

10 Halloween Costumes to Avoid

Brian Moylan · 10/15/10 02:33PM

Everyone's thinking—or at least should be thinking—about what they're going to dress up as for Halloween. Don't fall into the trap and wear one of these clichéd costumes that everyone else will have on. You can do better!

Watch 30 Rock's Hilarious Live Opening

Matt Cherette · 10/14/10 09:28PM

Tonight, 30 Rock was live! And it was good, too. Inside, catch the first few minutes of the episode, featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a younger Liz Lemon, Rachel Dratch as a crazy cleaning lady, and *drumroll* a Brett Favre joke!

Desperate for a Coke Fix, Lindsay Lohan Runs Away from Rehab

Maureen O'Connor · 10/13/10 09:30AM

The "coke" was coca-cola, the goal was a vending machine, and she failed. Christina Aguilera confirms splitting with her husband. Rachel Zoe is pregnant. Joan Collins ridicules ugly starlets. Wednesday gossip would sell its first child for a soda.