Bret Easton Ellis Likes Lindsay, Even If Adderall Makes Her Bossy

Michael Musto · 07/31/13 11:21AM

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Bret Easton Ellis Rages Against Magical Gay Elves and the PC Police

Rich Juzwiak · 05/13/13 12:16PM

Writer/incendiary tweeter Bret Easton Ellis has written almost 3,500 words for Out on the media's treatment of gay men and his banning* from last month's GLAAD Awards because of his controversial tweets. These words are angry, self-serving, contradictory, justified, and human beyond gay. Out has agreed to let us to excerpt his essay, which is titled, "In the Reign of the Gay Magical Elves." See below.

'Stripes After Jail, So Not a Good Idea!': What We Learned From NYT Magazine's De Facto Lindsay Lohan Profile

Rich Juzwiak · 01/10/13 02:35PM

If the upcoming Lindsay Lohan/James Deen vehicle The Canyons is half as entertaining as Stephen Rodrick's New York Times Magazine piece about it, it's going to be fantastic. The 8,000-word article reads like an exhaustive documentary on the Paul Schrader-directed, Bret Easton Ellis-written film (that has since been rejected by Sundance). It is what those on Twitter would refer to as a "great read."

Here's the First Trailer for The Canyons, The Movie Co-Starring Lindsay Lohan and Porn Star James Deen

Taylor Berman · 10/08/12 07:51PM

The first trailer for the much-anticipated James Deen-Lindsay Lohan bangfest The Canyons is finally here. It's about what you'd expect: lots of violence, sex, and sleazy-looking LA action. The film, written by Paris Hilton-defender Bret Easton Ellis and directed by Taxi Driver scribe Paul Schrader, lacks both a release date and, judging from the trailer, dialogue.

American Psycho v. American Psycho: Bret Easton Ellis Continues Feud Against Nikki Finke

John Cook · 07/18/12 03:22PM

Bret Easton Ellis, who drew rage-blogger Nikki Finke's wrath after I alerted her to a Twitter post he wrote outing her as a resident of his West Hollywood apartment building—which post in turn led me to find a unit in his building that had been recently purchased by Finke's employer, Penske Media—is continuing his hilarious pushback against the Hollywood fearmonger. Today, he told the Hollywood Reporter that her behavior is "harassing and unacceptable" and lambasted the "Hollywood morons who think they have to live in Nikki Finke's French Royal Court and be completely secretive." He also accused her, again on Twitter, of sending "hectoring, threatening, vaguely litigious e-mails" to her building's management.

American Psycho Author Thinks Bullying Victims Should 'Man Up'

Max Read · 12/05/11 10:16AM

What the ongoing debate about bullying has been missing, really, is the voice of Less Than Zero author Bret Easton Ellis. He's reticent to share his opinions publicly, and hates being written about—but the issue cries out for a man of compassion, a man of care, a man of thoughtfulness and grace. A man like Ellis.

Rowdy Jacko Kids Came This Close to Killing Blanket with a Stun Gun

Maureen O'Connor · 03/03/10 07:17AM

Child Services storms Chateau Jackson when Jermaine's kid puts Blanket's life in peril. Megan Fox announces she's only slept with two men. Jolie and Franco are shoo-ins for based-on-a-true-story suicidal artist roles. Wednesday gossip is full of surprises.

Bret Easton Ellis Thinks The Hills Is "A Modern Masterpiece"

Foster Kamer · 06/28/09 01:15PM

So: Bret Easton Ellis is on the cover of expensive Amsterdam-based magazine Fantastic Man, drinking a Diet Coke. In it, he calls the soul-sucking experience that is The Hills "the greatest show that I have ever seen in my life."

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 03/06/09 07:38AM

20/20 co-anchor John Stossel turns 62 today, which means that mustache of his has been planted on his face for close to four decades now. Comedian and recently-axed CNN host D.L. Hughley is turning 46. New York Philharmonic director Lorin Maazel is 79. Adolfo Carrion, Barack Obama's new director of the White House Office of Urban Affairs, is 48. Composer Stephen Schwartz is turning 61. Film director/producer Rob Reiner is 62. Disgraced Wall Streeter Ivan Boesky is 72. Gabriel García Márquez is 82. Shaquille O'Neal is turning 37. Tom Arnold is 50. And a hospitalized Ed McMahon turns 86 today. Weekend birthdays below!

McCain, Oprah and the Best Ads on TV

cityfile · 09/24/08 01:37PM

♦ John McCain canceled his appearance on CBS's Late Show with David Letterman tonight; Keith Olbermann will fill in instead. [HuffPo]
♦ The best (and worst) fall TV show ads. [THR]
♦ The end of the Sun is drawing near; the last paper may be published on Monday. [Gawker]
♦ NBC's Nightly News gained viewers in 2007-08; ABC and CBS both experienced declines. [TV Decoder]
♦ Did Harper's Bazaar photoshop its October cover featuring Kirsten Dunst? [WWD]
♦ Oprah Winfrey will lend her voice to the upcoming Disney flick The Princess and the Frog. [THR]
♦ Ad spending declined by 1.6% in the first half of 2008. [AdAge]
Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho is coming to Broadway. [Variety]
♦ Meet the oldest working reporter in the country. [E&P]

'The Informers' Loses Its Fangs, But Will It Lose Its Fans Too?

Molly Friedman · 03/28/08 12:30PM

When it comes to intertwining underage sex, loveable drug addicts and coldblooded serial killers, nobody does it better than Bret Easton Ellis. So when we heard a while back that The Informers would finally follow in the footsteps of Less Than Zero and The Rules of Attraction and make its way to the big screen, we couldn't have been more giddy. But now, IGN is reporting that Brandon Routh's turn as Jaime, the vampire-like leading man with a penchant for sucking blood, will be left on the cutting room floor; as anyone who has read the book will attest, his character was both a central figure in and a critical element of the depraved stories Ellis included in this book. The question is this: with no blood, gore, zombie fangs or Superman, will The Informers even be The Informers at all? Or will it just be Less Than Zero: The Sequel, minus the sight of a drugged up and passed out Robert Downey Jr. sprawled on the beaches of Malibu?