Bret Baier on Roger Ailes Ouster Report: "Ugh"

Alex Pareene · 07/19/16 03:54PM

CLEVELAND — Earlier this afternoon, Ashley and I stumbled upon Fox News’s Bret Baier and Chris Wallace livestreaming a discussion from a Facebook booth adjacent to the convention center, where most of the campaign press work when not in the arena.

The Joy of Watching a Flustered Mitt Romney

Jim Newell · 11/30/11 12:30PM

Mitt Romney doesn't give all that many in-person, one-on-one interviews, and perhaps this rare exception for Fox News' Bret Baier shows why. He gets snippy at any mention of him lacking convictions, or flip-flopping all the time, as though these are not the major concerns about him among the Republican base. Watch him anger-laugh all of these questions away! "Hey Mitt, why do you love health care mandates so much?" "HA HA, BRET, YOU ARE TOO GOOD, TOO GOOD, HA HA HA (I WILL KILL YOU.)"

Parasitic Aggregator 'Reader's Digest' Wants a Billion Dollars

Hamilton Nolan · 07/18/11 01:11PM

In your sunny Monday media column: Reader's Digest is for sale (and maybe Wenner Media too?), a theory of typos, a horrific penalty for insulting Fox News, and your Immediately Discarded Rupert Murdoch Theory of the Day.