Who Is Lena Dunham’s Alleged Rapist?

J.K. Trotter · 12/30/14 04:45PM

Since its publication this fall, Lena Dunham’s bestselling essay collection, Not That Kind of Girl, has inspired her fans and offered a different kind of inspiration to her foes. The right-wing press, in particular, has taken Dunham’s discursive set of autobiographical writings as a tip sheet to potential scandals and crimes involving the author—who is, as a paragon of metropolitan lefty pop culture, clearly a degenerate. Is Sure This Adidas Shirt's an Islamo-Mexican Terror Rug

Adam Weinstein · 07/10/14 02:20PM

Heard the news? If you only consume the mainstream media's Obamaflecting pulp, probably not: There are Muslims sneaking across the U.S.-Mexico border. The scary kind, who pray. How do we know? Because always-patriotic, never-delusional anti-government militiamen have a picture of their prayer rug.

Glenn Beck Angers Conservatives by Being Humane to Immigrants

Adam Weinstein · 07/09/14 04:15PM

Glenn Beck announced yesterday that he would personally help finance and deliver "tractor-trailers full of food, water, teddy bears and soccer balls" to the 60,000 underage undocumented immigrants detained at the U.S.-Mexico border. And some conservatives are going apeshit on him.

Chris Matthews and Andrew Breitbart Meet at a Sad Mall

Hamilton Nolan · 08/29/12 04:05PM

The Republican Convention isn't all "inside baseball" and "delegates" and "wandering around inside prison-style fencing in search of meaning." It's also about venturing out to see "the real Tampa." Sometimes, you have to get out of your chair, go "outside the wire," and take in a screening of a haranguing right wing documentary with an unmistakably karmic ending.

Breitbart Idiot Publishes Gotcha Interview of Bono Impersonator (Updated with Video)

Max Read · 03/21/12 01:38PM guy and Human Events editor-at-large Jason Mattera is " D.C.'s Bad Boy Reporter," and what says "bad boy" more than ambushing U2 frontman Bono for a "gotcha" interview about U2's taxes? Ha ha, except that Mattera actually ambushed a Bono impersonator, which may be why he couldn't really answer questions about U2's taxes:

Andrew Breitbart Is Mad About Something

Hamilton Nolan · 02/01/10 10:03AM

Finally, Andrew Breitbart is speaking out on the liberal media's railroading of phone tap pimp James O'Keefe. Bonus: Lloyd Grove also gets Breitbart to reveal when he's being cantankerous, and when he's merely being jocular. Invaluable perspective! [Daily Beast]

Outrage-Off: Breitbart vs. Birthers

Hamilton Nolan · 11/30/09 05:03PM

Lib bigots are faking climate change and electing a British monkey to the presidency. Only outrageous crypto-conservative statements in the media can save us. Time for your daily outrage-off! Today: Andrew Breitbart vs. Birthers. Vote in the outrage poll below!