Donald Trump Is Straight-Up Disgusted by Breast Milk

Gabrielle Bluestone · 07/29/15 10:35AM

It’s safe, at this point, to say that presidential candidate and human Kewpie doll Donald Trump is not a fan of Mexico or its people. But surely he has some begrudging respect—or even admiration—for women with functioning breasts? It might surprise you to learn—or maybe it won’t—but he’s not a fan of those either.

"The Milk Sprayer" Blasts Your Face With Breast Milk Before Robbing You

Aleksander Chan · 10/30/14 09:35AM

German police are currently on the bizarre case of woman who allegedly abets robberies by spraying people with breast milk, distracting them while others apparently steal money. The woman, dubbed "The Milk Sprayer" by police (really!), recently hit a Darmstadt pharmacy , blasting two employees.

Teen on Game of Thrones: "Tits!!!!!"

Jay Hathaway · 06/10/14 12:50PM

A very excited young man evidently didn't expect to see a pair of naked breasts on HBO's Game of Thrones, a show based on George R.R. Martin's novel series A Song of Tits and Swords.

Woman Bitten on Breast By Snake Says Snake Lived, Incident Was "Cute"

Rich Juzwiak · 02/13/14 06:09PM

You may remember 34-year-old Israeli model Orit Fox from a viral video that circulated a few years ago, in which she openly flirted with a snake and the snake proceeded to bite her on her clearly fake breast and then some guy off camera frantically said a string of non-English words ending on "titty," and everyone laughed despite the horrific snake bite that just occurred because "titty" is universal.

Hamilton Nolan · 10/21/13 04:14PM

New biological research into aging has found that "a woman's breast tissue ages faster than the rest of her body." Scientists involved in this research were using their microscopes to look at boobs.

PSA for all da Laaaadies from the NYPD: You Can Go Topless in Public

Caity Weaver · 05/15/13 03:30PM

As temperatures continue to skyrocket into the low to mid-sixties up and down the East Coast, many beautiful and strange-looking women will soon find themselves faced with the eternal conundrum of summer: how to deal with a too-hot boob. Luckily for some, the NYPD is here to remind us that anything goes in New Boob City! Whip off that top. Wipe off that top-colored body paint. Awkwardly unhook that bra with one hand unless the hook is stuck in which case pull it over your head but be careful not to stretch it. You cannot be detained, arrested, or fined for going topless in public in New York.

Creepy French Scientist Is Adamant That Women Should Not Wear Bras

Caity Weaver · 04/11/13 11:23AM

Across the course of history, French discoveries have proved invaluable to the field of science. Children still learn the stories of Louis Pasteur, who discovered that invisibly small bacteria spoil food and cause disease, and Marie Curie, who found and named the unseen power of radioactivity. Now there's one more name to add to the list of geniuses upending the world's assumptions: Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, who has declared that bras make women's boobs saggy.

Mom Who Posed With Boob in Preschooler's Mouth: 'It's Not Right for Everybody'

Maureen O'Connor · 05/11/12 11:16AM

Jamie Lynne Grumet, whose left breast achieved stardom this week by appearing on the cover of Time while inside her nearly four-year-old son's mouth, went on the Today Show to discuss the controversial cover. With son Aram mewling by her side (wouldn't it be great if she'd whipped out a tit and shoved it in his mouth, right then and there?) Jamie explained that attachment parenting "is not for everybody," and that she isn't trying to judge anyone. She also notes that she's getting guff from breastfeeding critics and advocates: