Donald Trump Is Straight-Up Disgusted by Breast Milk

Gabrielle Bluestone · 07/29/15 10:35AM

It’s safe, at this point, to say that presidential candidate and human Kewpie doll Donald Trump is not a fan of Mexico or its people. But surely he has some begrudging respect—or even admiration—for women with functioning breasts? It might surprise you to learn—or maybe it won’t—but he’s not a fan of those either.

Woman Collects Friends' Breast Milk to Feed Daughter

Rich Juzwiak · 09/25/14 01:40PM

"Suddenly I stopped producing breast milk, so now I collect breast milk from my friends," explained Apple Melecia on last night's TLC special Extreme Cheapskates: Guide To Love. Extreme Cheapskates is a show about people who do all manner of insane and/or disgusting things for the sake of saving some coins and delighting in others' disgust. For the cameras, Apple also proudly made her own baby wipes with a roll of paper towels and dish detergent (that she would reuse), shopped for lingerie in a thrift store, and asked a beautician to put used extensions on her head since they were just going to be thrown out anyway.

Texas Company Releases Breast Milk-Flavored Lollipops

Taylor Berman · 06/04/13 08:59PM

If you're looking for a candy to remind you of (very early) childhood or if you're just into weird foods, here you go: A Texas-based candy company released a breast-milk-flavored lollipop on Monday night.

Meet the Woman Who Sprayed Cops With Her Breast Milk

Max Read · 06/27/11 08:46PM

Police in Delaware, Ohio, were called to the Bridgewater Banquet & Conference Center early Saturday morning to handle a domestic violence call. What they found was Stephanie Robinette, 30, a charter-school teacher, who, while attending a wedding at the center, had "gotten drunk and struck [her husband] several times before locking herself in a car." Here is how Delaware County Sheriff Walter L. Davis III describes what happened:

Breast Milk Ice Cream A Hit in London

Junior Mendez · 02/26/11 11:00AM

It's pure! It's organic! It's free range! Breast Milk Ice Cream is all the rage at The Icecreamists parlor in Covent Garden. The owner seems to be appalled on how anyone can find the initial thought of this disgusting.

The Only Clip of America's Next Top Model You Will Ever Need to See

Richard Lawson · 02/22/08 10:51AM

Did you watch the premiere, on Wednesday night, of the newest iteration of Tyra Banks' hop hop hopping mad clusterfuck America's Next Top Model? You didn't??? You mean you didn't see where the girl talks about drinking her own breast milk or when one lady asks another lady who was circumcised at the age of seven back in Somalia if she "feels like less of a woman"? Well, I'd like to say I didn't either, but sadly, I was coerced. It being the most hideous show ever created, Top Model does warrant some attention, but not too much. Like, don't actually watch it or anything. Instead watch the provided clip, after the jump. It's long, but it's the only nine minutes and twenty five seconds of this show you will ever need to subject yourself to. Oh, and there's a lap dance!