ABC Correspondent's On-Air Mammogram Reveals Cancer

Sarah Hedgecock · 11/11/13 02:02PM

When Good Morning America correspondent Amy Robach agreed to undergo a mammogram on-air last month as part of the show's promotion of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she did it for the benefit of viewers with little thought to her own health. But as it turns out, the procedure may just have saved her life.

When My Mother and I Were Obsessed with Death

Maureen O'Connor · 05/13/12 12:45PM

For four years, my mother had a crippling fear of death. It started during her first bout with breast cancer. While recovering from her mastectomy, she insisted on driving my father to and from work, so that if he died in a car accident she'd be there to say good-bye. Nobody in our family was allowed to drive in bad weather, lest the vehicles hydroplane and we die. Christmas traditions were banned; anything that reminded my mother of the passing of time reminded her of death. She objected to my teen sleeping habits: "Just lying there all morning, like you are dead. How do I know you are not dead?" Chastised for her morbidity, my mother would snap, "You don't understand."

Free Speech Is Only Okay If It's Money, National Review Guy Explains

Max Read · 02/03/12 02:39PM

"You Should Find the Anti-Komen Backlash Disgusting, Even If You're Pro-Choice," proclaims National Review guy Daniel Foster. Why? Because "the Left" insists on "besmirching Komen's good name" instead of exercising its freedom of speech in Foster's preferred medium: a check.

Andrea Mitchell Has Cancer

John Cook · 09/07/11 03:39PM

NBC News' chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell took to the airwaves today to announce on MSNBC that she's been diagnosed with breast cancer. But doctors caught it early, she said, and she has "a terrific prognosis." She'd like you to get screened for breast cancer, which seems like a reasonable request, if you are a lady.

Women Actually Hate the Color Pink

Hamilton Nolan · 07/27/11 09:10AM

Do you find the color pink to be threatening? If so, you're probably a woman. (Not a man.) And who's hurt by your irrational hatred of pink? Your very own healthy breasts. Get it together, ladies.

Politician Takes 12-Hour Boat Ride to Avoid TSA Pat-Down

Maureen O'Connor · 02/21/11 06:20PM

On her way home from medical treatment for breast cancer, Alaska state Rep. Sharon Cissna underwent a TSA body scan at the airport in Seattle. Agents then ordered a pat-down of the state representative after noticing her mastectomy on the scan, says her chief-of-staff. Cissna, who is a Democrat, decided to leave the airport and take a 12-hour boat ride from Seattle to Juneau, instead.

Zach Galifianakis Wants to Save Boobs

nightintern · 10/11/10 10:22AM

In this video for charity Men For Women Now, Zach Galifianakis tries to get the word out about the importance of annual mammograms. Watch as he bravely battles with nature - it's the breast thing you'll do today.

Lady Breasts on the TV!

Hamilton Nolan · 10/29/09 11:38AM

Sweeps week is coming up, so hey, a TV station in DC just had an idea: Breassstsss! Nekkid breasts on your television screen being beamed straight into your home, uncovered and uncensored! Because of news.