Twilight's Birthing Scene Is Giving People Seizures

Max Read · 11/25/11 12:25PM

Today, we give thanks to Brandon Gephart of Roseville, Calif., who, by having a seizure in the middle of Twilight: Breaking Dawn has given an actual, medical excuse to significant others everywhere who are doing their best to avoid the movie.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1: They Gonna Screw

Richard Lawson · 09/14/11 09:23AM

Here's a full-length, at last!, trailer for November's The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, the penultimate installment in the vampyr love story that's really just Mormon allegory. And guys! Look! They fuck!

The Gawker Guide to Fall Movies

Richard Lawson · 08/31/11 11:10AM

With the Labor Day holiday approaching, it's becoming sadly clear: Summer is over. It's time to turn to autumnal things. That's not all bad, though! Fall movies, for example, are usually the year's best. Let's take a look at this year's selection, shall we?

Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Vampires Have Pillow-Biting Sex, Too

Matt Cherette · 06/05/11 11:54PM

Here's a trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, which premiered during tonight's MTV Movie Awards (right before Robert Pattinson made out with Taylor Lautner). Now, I'm no Twilight expert, but it appears that things will go down thusly: Jacob receives an invitation to Edward and Bella's nuptials and becomes so angry that he rips off his shirt (because obviously). The vampire Wedding of the Century then takes place, followed by lots of pillow-biting vampire sex. Jacob is still mad/shirtless. And then OH MY GOD does Bella have a baby bump?!

Let's Not Forget About Twilight

Richard Lawson · 06/02/11 04:53PM

In all the hustle and bustle of games of hunger and thrones and superhero adventures, we have forgotten our deeply held romantic passion. And that is a shame. Also today: Josh Lucas is the new Tom Cruise, the return of Tarzan, and a sweet gig for Jane Lynch.

A Top Gun Sequel Sure Is a Good Idea

Richard Lawson · 10/14/10 03:50PM

Don't you think? Isn't it just such a grand a idea? Also today: You guys are all watching terrible TV, the next Twilight movie has a super random cast of vampires, and some misleading news about Sinbad.

Shocking Revelation: There Is Another Olsen Sister

Richard Lawson · 09/02/10 01:03PM

It's true. Yoda has looked up to the heavens and declared this true. Also today: up-and-comer Anthony Mackie lands another role, a promising movie stalls out, Tom Cruise gets a sexy sidekick for his next Mission, and Twilight news.

Ryan Seacrest Will Be the Next Oprah

Richard Lawson · 06/11/10 01:48PM

If Les Moonves has anything to say about it, at least. Also today: a disproportionate amount of theatre news involving elves and vampires, that idiot movie casts another idiot, and the woeful tale of D.L. Hughley.

Look at All the Sexy People, Doing Sexy Things

Richard Lawson · 05/11/10 09:33AM

People like Kellan Lutz, Channing Tatum, and Jessica Biel are going places. Also today: a new MTV show sounds frustrating, you'll have to wait a while for Simon Cowell news, and TBS figures some stuff out.

Lindsay Lohan to Become a Porn Star

Richard Lawson · 05/05/10 01:54PM

You know like become. She's playing one in a movie. Also today: Jane Fonda will be playing herself, the zombie TV show casts another actor, Tony Danza is becoming a high school English teacher, and Twilight newz.

Katie Holmes Is Your Next First Lady

Richard Lawson · 04/29/10 09:56AM

No, aliens still can't run for president (unless they're named Barack Nobama!!). She's just playing a very famous one in a TV miniseries. Also today: exciting casting news about exciting actors, salary disputes, and Hollywood tragedies.

The Rising Hotness of Taylor Kitsch

Richard Lawson · 04/08/10 09:33AM

His hotness — career hotness — is definitely, um, hottening up. Also today: Harrison Ford will never tire of killing aliens, a new Laura Dern series excites, a new William H. Macy series exhausts (for some reason), and Twilight!

Face It: America Loves Vampires and Dead Animal Corpses

Sheila · 08/04/08 11:51AM

What exactly is it about a vampire romance that would cause it to sell 250,000 copies in the first 24 hours? That's what happened with Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn, the latest book in her already-popular Twilight Saga. And that was only at Borders, where "preorders were second only to each of the final four Harry Potter titles written by J.K. Rowling," reports the WSJ. So this is what America's been reading while we've been busy being snobs! (And when they aren't gazing at a photograph of a dead animal carcass.)