Some Hipster In Australia Threw A Party. Here's Why It's World News.

Nick Douglas · 01/16/08 03:33AM

By "world news" I mean "the current favorite video being passed around online." And by that I don't even mean it's the most-watched video of the week, but that this video of an unapologetic Australian hipster ruffian is being passed around every pass-stuff-around site until it seems it's taken over the Internet. Below, a summary of the video and a timeline of how it spread (and of course the video itself). and other video sites recruiting Hollywood strikers

Nicholas Carlson · 11/15/07 12:30PM

Those poor, poor Hollywood writers stuck with average paychecks of around $200,000. As the strike drags on, with studios and writers unable to come to terms on royalties for Internet video, some are starting too look for work while they strike. Fortunately for them, sleazy, non-unionized websites are ready to take them on., for example, is running an ad on its site calling for striking writers to "strike gold on Break."