Jersey Shore: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Zach Mack · 08/20/10 01:00AM

Tonight's episode of Jersey Shore was all about breaking up. Snookie cut things off with Emilio while Sammi burned through being endearing and ended up looking pathetic, pining after Ronnie as he got angry drunk and berated her. Love stinks.

Gay Malawian Couple Split Under Family Pressure

Jeff Neumann · 06/09/10 02:42AM

One half of the Malawian couple who were convicted, and then pardoned, for being gay now has a girlfriend. Shortly after being pardoned, Steven Monjeza left his old partner for a woman because he "had enough" of being harassed.

How To Blog About Your Messy Divorce

Ryan Tate · 05/13/10 04:54PM

Justine Musk's divorce from her high-profile-CEO husband could be much uglier: There's a new younger woman, five kids and a big fight over money. But her blog, and even her blog comments, have been admirably graceful. Let's look:

Getty Heir's Humiliating Battle with the Godfather Family

Ryan Tate · 05/10/10 06:04PM

Peter Getty and relatives of Francis Ford Coppola are going to the mattresses against one another in Getty's epic divorce battle with wife Jacqui. And the picture is getting more tenuous for Getty. Or should we say "pictures."

The Week of B-List Breakups: A Crib Sheet

Max Read · 04/16/10 01:33AM

It's official: Paris Hilton has split up with her boyfriend, frozen burrito heir and terrible baseball player Doug Reinhardt! Well, you know what they say about B-list celebrity splits: they happen in fours.