Breading Has Jumped The Shark

Adrian Chen · 01/31/12 07:52PM

Since this morning, the whole internet has gone crazy for breading, the meme where you put your cat's (or dog's) face into a piece of cut-out bread, take a picture then post it on the internet. Unfortunately, a recent spate of media coverage makes it painfully clear that breading is over.

The Best Tweets About Breading, The Weird New Internet Meme

Adrian Chen · 01/31/12 12:55PM

Earlier, we introduced you to the new internet craze breading—putting a piece of bread around your cat's head and taking a picture of it. Now people can't stop talking about breading! Here are the best 11 tweets about the controversial viral craze that is sweeping the internet.

Hot New Internet Meme: 'Breading' Cats

Adrian Chen · 01/31/12 11:30AM

Forget planking. All the cool kids are putting their cats in bread and taking pictures of them looking like little yeasty lions. "Breading" is a throw-back to the old Japanese "putting-food-on-rabbits" meme of the early viral web, but with a modern twist.