Hamilton Nolan · 11/08/13 11:33AM

Despite lacking the wherewithal to make their own sandwiches, entitled "Millennials" are demanding that the sandwiches made for them come on bread that is "unconventional," "unique," or even "wacky." It's about time for some famous newsman to ghostwrite another book about WWII, so we can hear how a real generation ate.

Scientists Messing Around With Stuff So We Can Have Flowers in the Winter and Fresh Bread Forever

Maggie Lange · 03/29/13 09:31AM

As you experience the seasons, if you live in a place with such things, the greenery tends to adapt and change with the temperature and climate. Sometimes there are delightful little flowers, sometimes there is withering heat, sometimes there is crazy snow and you can make fun little shelters and play in the street. You can usually only experience one of these phenomena at a time, because Mother Nature wants you to dole out your appreciation.

Now You Can Buy Baguettes from a Vending Machine

Matt Cherette · 08/10/11 02:36AM

Do you live in Paris and frequently stumble out of bars at 2AM with a craving for a bite of baguette? If so, you'll be totally psyched to learn that French baker Jean-Louis Hecht recently installed two bread-dispensing vending machines outside his boulangeries. Yes, that's right: For just one euro (and a bit of dignity), you can now enjoy a warm loaf of French bread 24/7. [via Grub Street]

How Not To Make Bread

Jon Martin · 04/09/10 10:00AM

This strange video from the 80's was supposed to teach us how to make bread, instead, it quickly becomes one of the strangest things we'd ever seen.