Michelle Dean · 04/23/14 01:35PM

An account of a 1968 poets' brawl by Charles Simic at the NYRB today just goes to show that even great artists like to do a little hair-pulling from time to time: "As soon as the fight started, Allen Ginsberg went down on his knees and began chanting some Buddhist prayer for peace and harmony among all living creatures."

This Guy Punches That Guy, That Guy Punches The Other Guy, And, Wow, This Street Brawl Is Mesmerizing

A.J. Daulerio · 07/26/12 02:50PM

America's summer of ultra-violence continues: This time it's in "Downtown" New York City, where six guys of varying sizes and different ethnicities haymaker and uppercut each other like real drunk men used to do right before they got tossed through saloon doors. It looks accidentally choreographed, but all those punches to faces sound real. The YouTube poster tells us nothing and there are no exclamatory comments below the post so we're left to wonder what got them all so angry on such a lovely July evening. Someone should help these guys organize a club no one's ever allowed to talk about just so they could do this again and again.

Church of the Nativity Clergy Brawl 2011 Goes Well

Hamilton Nolan · 12/28/11 09:31AM

It's the end of the year, which means that it's time for Greek Orthodox clergymen and Armenian Orthodox clergymen to come together in order to "[scream] at each other and beat each other with broomsticks" during their annual cleaning of the Church of Nativity, where Jesus was born. As Jesus said, "If an adherent of a Christian sect with exceedingly minor theological or geographic differences crosseth into thine half of my birthplace whilst engaged in the very same charitable task as thou, thou must smite him with your broom."

Streaker Posing as Referee Causes Bench-Clearing Brawl at Football Game

Matt Cherette · 10/21/11 03:43AM

The University of Arizona played host to UCLA on Thursday for an evening game of football. Just before halftime, a man posing as a referee rushed the field, was exposed as a fraud, and then attempted to escape while simultaneously shedding his clothing. Did I mention that all the commotion led to a bench-clearing brawl?

Fast Food Brawls: Now at IHOP

Adrian Chen · 04/27/11 01:47PM

America's worst trend, YouTube videos of fast food patrons fighting, continues. Now it's happening at an Atlanta IHOP, where an off-duty police officer punched a woman in the face, kicking off a melee. It's unclear exactly why the cop was struggling with these people in the first place. The lawyer representing three of the women in the video accused the police officer of "excessive force."

McDonald's Basher Had Brawled There Before

Maureen O'Connor · 04/25/11 11:31AM

Teonna Monae Brown—the Baltimore woman charged last week for a beating up a transgender McDonald's patron while a passive crowd made videos—may have been a repeat offender. The Smoking Gun reports that the 18-year-old had previously been arrested for punching a mother of two in the face, then beating her with an umbrella, then trying to rip out her hair, while friends attacked the lady's daughters. Just as ogres like to hide under bridges and terrorize passing billygoats, violent jerks apparently like to hang out at McDonald's and beat the snot out of strangers.

A Taco Joint Brawl, Taped from Two Angles

Max Read · 03/10/11 03:37AM

The nice thing about this particular videotaped fight—which took place, apparently, in a Tacos del Rio in Eastvale, Calif.—is that there were two different security cameras, meaning you can watch the action from two angles, like you have the Criterion Collection DVD of the Eastvale Tacos del Rio Fight. (Alas, it seems as though you can only see the small dog, curiously carried to the fight by one brawler and quickly and inelegantly dropped, from the first angle.)

Police Produce Captivating Girlfight Play-by-Play

Maureen O'Connor · 01/14/11 01:27PM

The police department of Lincoln, Nebraska has a crimestoppers website where they post America's Most Wanted-like videos about local criminals. Today's entry: an uncomfortably anthropological girlfight play-by-play featuring a Mickey Mouse hat, flying hair, and a public bus.

Missing Cell Phone Leads to Full-On Female Brawl at Bronx Diner

Matt Cherette · 01/07/11 02:20PM

Last Sunday, patrons at the Bronx's Munch Time Diner were treated to more than a piece of pie when a nasty fight broke out—over a missing cell phone—between several women in the middle of the restaurant. Watch inside.

Lingerie Football League Game Ends with a Brawl

Matt Toder · 12/21/10 11:32AM

When the Tampa Breeze and the Miami Caliente of the Lingerie Football League play things always get heated. It's a bitter rivalry and their most recent game didn't disappoint. Tempers flared and the game ended with a brawl.

NYPD vs. Drunk Dutch Embassy Guys

Jeff Neumann · 11/30/10 05:13AM

When a group of Dutch Embassy guys allegedly tried to leave Arthur's Tavern in Greenwich Village without paying a $315 tab, NYPD officers intervened and a brawl ensued, resulting in a chipped tooth, a broken finger and bruises. And arrests!