When Will Judd Apatow’s Bravery End?

Gabrielle Bluestone · 07/21/15 11:46AM

The bravery of comedian Judd Apatow knows no bounds: last night on the Tonight Show, Apatow returned to his favorite topic—rape—and guess what? He’s against it! So bold.

Brave: Pixar's New Hero Is a Little Ginger Girl

Matt Cherette · 06/28/11 05:15AM

Here's a trailer for Brave, Pixar's first fairy tale—and first film featuring a female lead—which will hit theaters next June. Set in the Scottish Highlands, Brave tells the story of a little red-headed warrior princess named Merida and her courageous fight against the tradition of her land and a mysterious, menacing beast. And considering this is a Pixar film we're talking about, it shouldn't be long before Merida has the hearts of moviegoers everywhere.

Leo and Beyoncé, Together at Last

Richard Lawson · 06/27/11 05:38PM

The unlikely duo might be paired up in a new/old movie musical. Also today: Nicole Kidman is a replacement, a big new miniseries is on the way, and Law & Order: SVU has its new detectives!