Ariana Grande Looked Like an Actual Bratz! Doll at the VMAs

Allie Jones · 08/25/14 12:17PM

Though it was originally reported that pint-sized whistle tone conduit Ariana Grande wore a dress by Moschino to the VMAs last night, we've just received word she actually borrowed it from her good friend, Bratz! doll Cloe.

Mickey Mouse's 'Naughty' Makeover Promises to be Disturbing

Maureen O'Connor · 11/05/09 02:20AM

Disney's beloved panda-rodent mascot is getting a video game makeover, and it'll give you more nightmares than the time he emptied all those buckets for that jerkface sorcerer. Because this time the nightmares might be, um, sexy?

Bratz Face Billion-Dollar Restitution After Brutal Barbie Assault and Robbery

STV · 08/21/08 11:50AM

Press your ear to the ground this morning and feel the subsonic rumblings rolling over from Riverside — better known these days as the Epicenter of Epochal Doll Litigation since Mattel went to war against Bratz manufacturer MGA Entertainment last month over Barbie-centric copyright infringement. And while a jury has already ruled that Bratz designer Carter Bryant conceived the dolls while working for Mattel (as well as MGA boss Isaac Larian's complicity in adapting them for his company), Bratz future are in doubt as aftershocks threaten nearly $2 billion worth of damage on the sassy young brand. But what seismic phenomena could possibly wreak such catastrophe in both the dollscape and the hearts of Bratz-obsessed girls around the world? Aggressive eyebrows and suggestive lips, lawyers argue for starters:

Radar Still in Print

ian spiegelman · 04/27/08 10:11AM

OMG! Radar magazine is still publishing in that funny old timey "print" medium! And they've got Maddox Jolie as Ashton Kutcher and Suri Cruise as an Olsen twin... Or something! Actually, I would like to know which nepotism-favored "Power Brats" they're really talking about. Maer, hook me up! [OhNoTheyDidn't]