Justin Bieber Thinks He Deserves a Grammy, Is Rapidly Becoming an Insufferable Brat

Rich Juzwiak · 01/29/13 05:11PM

Justin Bieber has a giant chip on his perpetually shirtless shoulder. He isn't doing much press for his new Believe Acoustic album, but he did sit down with Billboard's Bill Werde for a Q&A. Werde describes him as "unfailingly polite, though occasionally he flattens himself down into a black leather couch, hands jammed into his pockets, and seems bored," and "every bit a normal 18-year-old kid." Which is to say, he's a little bit of a dickhead.

Harvard Faker Was Poised to Transfer to Stanford

Maureen O'Connor · 06/09/10 02:22PM

The Talented Mr. Wheeler—Harvard student Adam Wheeler, who got in by lying on his application and now faces criminal charges—was accepted to join Stanford for the 2010-2011 academic year. Obviously, they have since changed their minds. [AP]

How a Lie on a Harvard Application Ended in Larceny, Fraud Charges

Maureen O'Connor · 05/17/10 06:33PM

Someone hit the "panic" button beside Larry Summers' desk—the Ivory Tower has been breached! A 23-year-old former Harvard student, Adam Wheeler, stands accused of lying in his Harvard, Fulbright, and Rhodes applications, and now faces 20 criminal charges.

Beyonce's Sister Takes on Interviewer, Fails

ian spiegelman · 08/31/08 03:12PM

Beyonce Knowles' sister, singer Solange Knowles, went on a local Fox affiliate the other day to promote her album-only after her publicist made it clear that the young diva was NOT to be questioned about her brother-in-law Jay-Z or the failure of his 40/40 Club in Las Vegas. And since it was a harmless fluff piece to fill airtime, the interviewer agreed and didn't mention a thing about it. Sadly, Solange apparently heard some studio chatter while she was being introduced, mistakenly assumed that it was being broadcast, and proceeded to pick a fight. The embarrassing footage ensues.