Vanity Fair Profiled the Brant Brothers Because Vanity Fair Hates You

Drew Magary · 08/07/12 03:00PM

Earlier this summer, we brought you the New York Times' feature on those lovable 18th century furniture humpers the Brant Brothers. And I bet you were wondering, "Well, just whose Ubermenschen are these two Junior Pattinsons pollinating today?" Thankfully, the good folks at Vanity Fair took time out from photographing Jackie O's collection of coffee tables to give these two pale shitheads another national profile. Let's dive in. After all, EVERYONE loves celebrity children!

The New York Times Profiled the Brant Brothers Because the New York Times Hates You

Drew Magary · 06/21/12 01:55PM

We at Gawker have warned you previously that the New York Times Style section exists solely to introduce you to society's biggest shitheads, and yesterday's profile of the Brant Brothers is no exception. At this point, it feels as if the Times is going out of its way to troll us all. No one at that paper could possibly think these two teenagers—who have yet to contribute anything meaningful to society—are inherently interesting. A much more reasonable explanation is that someone at the Times Style section sits down every week and is like, "Oh hey, how can we piss off everyone this week? I KNOW! Let's profile a pair of privileged dipshits!" Look at this fucking article: