Angelina Jolie's Wedding Outfit Had Her Kids' Scribbles All Over It

Caity Weaver · 09/02/14 09:15AM

Used to be Angelina Jolie showed everyone she was a wild angel by allowing the actor Billy Bob Thornton to perform acts of coitus with her and having a godawful dragon tattoo. Now that she's more mature, she has to dream up new ways to subvert our perceptions—of what a bride should wear on her wedding day; of what is and is not appropriate to do with the actor Billy Bob Thornton.

Brad and Angelina Are Engaged

Maureen O'Connor · 04/13/12 01:08PM

The most famous unwed parents in America may soon wed, The Hollywood Reporter reports. After Angelina Jolie was photographed with a giant diamond on her ring finger, jeweler Robert Procop confirmed that he "did indeed design an engagement ring for Angelina Jolie, designed in collaboration with Brad Pitt." So either they're engaged, or Angie is playing a cruel joke on every tabloid magazine on the planet. [THR]

Brangelina Infiltrates Oval Office

Maureen O'Connor · 01/11/12 04:32PM

But soft! What light through yonder White House window breaks? It is the Oval Office, and Brangelina is meeting with President Obama, New York Times photographer Doug Mills tweets. This rare alignment of stars can only mean one thing: Tense negotiations between the American government and NAFTA, the Notables Adopting Foreign Toddlers Association. For all the babies in the Mariana Islands, Brad Pitt will solve the recession by gazing deeply into its eyes and whispering something sexy.

For Sale: Brad and Angie's Beachfront Bliss Bunker

Richard Lawson · 08/22/11 04:51PM

The universe's most perfect couple, professional make-believers Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, have put their Malibu dream mansion on the market for an affordable $13.75 million. They're selling the 4,000 square-foot, four-bedroom home presumably because they tend to spend most of their downtime at their 900-acre chateau estate in France. You know how that is. [Real Estalker, photos via PCN and Getty]

Brangelina 'Are Like Prisoners,' Says Matt Damon

Maureen O'Connor · 07/20/11 10:47AM

Matt Damon speaks for Brangelina. Brangelina feed their children crickets. Chris Brown parks in a handicap spot. Leo's mother advises against Blake Lively. Timberlake pulls a diva move. Wednesday gossip fights for its rights.

Amy Winehouse's Website Hacked by 'Swagger' Police

Maureen O'Connor · 07/01/11 10:41AM

Amy Winehouse's website falls at the hands of race-obsessed Lil' B fans. Lindsay Lohan blames "pyschotic paparazzi" for her woes. A teen idol confesses to doing blow with Michael Jackson. TGIFriday gossip.

Runaway Playboy Bride Will Show Her Boobs, Be Famous Anyway

Maureen O'Connor · 06/16/11 10:30AM

Crystal Harris has perfect timing—it's too late for Hugh Hefner to cancel her issue of Playboy. Aniston moves in with her boyfriend. Emma Watson dates a co-star. Cee-Lo is tired of being famous. Thursday gossip is moving on.

Miley Cyrus Freaks Out at a Paparazzo, and Other Confrontations

Maureen O'Connor · 03/10/11 11:08AM

Miley Cyrus snaps at a paparazzo. Christina Aguilera returns to the scene of her public intoxication. Lindsay Lohan prepares for her big day in court. Brangelina's children "turn violent." Thursday gossip wonders what Lindsay Lohan will wear to court today.

Did Mila's Success Drive Macaulay Away? And Other Annoying Questions

Maureen O'Connor · 01/03/11 10:51AM

Mila Kunis faces an onslaught of obnoxious break-up rumors. David Arquette goes to rehab. Lindsay Lohan's court-ordered rehab ends. (And her freely chosen rehab begins.) Bieber and Selena make out on a yacht. Monday gossip abandons auld acquaintances.

Kanye West: Yes, That Is a Picture of My Big Penis

Maureen O'Connor · 11/04/10 09:54AM

Kanye West confirms that a picture of his giant penis is real. Courtney Love is obsessed with her Wikipedia page. Lil' Wayne gets out of prison. Thursday gossip proudly lets it all hang out.