You Won't Believe Which Brand Just Posted This Offensive Tweet

Max Read · 11/18/14 02:54PM

Brand social media accounts frequently publish offensive or otherwise ill-advised tweets, messages, or status updates. To keep readers of Gawker better appraised of offensive brand social-media activity, we're collecting all future coverage into a single, updating post, with the latest brand offense at the top.

Is Glenn Greenwald Still "Red-Hot"? The Politico Investigates

Tom Scocca · 09/04/14 05:00PM

Politico Magazine is a magazine edition of The Politico—America's worst publication—whose mission is "to pull back from the flood to understand what it's all about." The flood, in that metaphor, is supposed to be the tremendous churning hourly volume of vacuous meta- and meta-meta-political Narrative and Controversy that sustains The Politico and is sustained by The Politico.

7-Eleven Serving Assholes Drinks in Mason Jar Cups and Mustache Straws

Aleksander Chan · 05/23/14 11:25AM

7-Eleven would like to charge you $.99 for a plastic straw with a mustache on it, or if you are feeling especially bad about yourself, $2.99 for one that comes with a little plastic mason jar. You too can look like you went to a well-regarded state school, shop organic, and worry vaguely about politics.

Apple Overtakes Google As World's Most Powerful Brand

Seth Abramovitch · 05/08/11 11:12PM

One need only look to the iPad 2 feeding frenzies currently gripping China for evidence that Apple is the hottest brand on the planet. And now it's official: Research company Millward Brown puts Apple at the top of their annual 100 global brand power list, knocking Google off the throne its held for four years running. The iPad has helped Apple grow 84%, to an estimated worth of $153 billion.

The pestilent little island of Microsoft lovers

Owen Thomas · 07/18/07 09:41AM

Having watched Little Britain, I understand this a bit better: A study by Superbrands, a survey firm, found U.K. consumers ranked Microsoft as the top brand. Microsoft? Yes but no but yes but no but yes. Microsoft. And the much-loathed software company ranked ahead of Coca-Cola and Google. Then again, the addled Brits also ranked Lego ahead of Guinness.