Website Vindicated As Its Publishing Brand Extension Tanks!

Choire · 11/01/07 11:50AM

"The Gawker Guide To Conquering All Media" has, according to Portfolio, sold all of dozens of copies. (Current Amazon rank: 107,116!) Back in 2004, we regularly trashed mini-agent Kate Lee for her all-blogger lineup of book proposals, and wrote: "Enjoy the hype, little bloggers. Take your advances and buy stock in Halliburton while you can." So now we get to tell ourselves—or at least, whatever arm of this company saw a piece of that advance money—that we told you so!

Choire · 09/11/07 04:40PM

Martha Stewart is now all up in the Facebook. [Ad Age]

Martha Stewart To Take Another White Trash Hobby Upscale

Emily · 04/25/07 02:31PM

It's sort of a top-secret fact about America that between the coasts, pasting family mementos into books and then surrounding them with decorative ribbon borders is a huge deal—ergo, books like Motif for Murder: A Scrapbooking Mystery. But the "problem" with the $2.6 billion/year scrapbooking industry is, as the SVP of marketing for Michael's craft stores tells the Wall Street Journal today, "It's not a very sexy business." Enter sexy, sexy Martha Stewart!