After the sale: the trophy urinal

dtweney · 01/26/07 11:05AM

What do you do after you unload your Internet-based conference-calling service for $38.5 million? You build a 6000-square-foot house, of course. And if you're founder and Plano, Texas resident Kevin Scherer, you make sure the bathroom includes a urinal — and that it gets lavish treatment in the New York Times. Your new, well-to-do friends might have the cash to spend on similarly tacky trophies to their manhood: But do their urinals have glamour shots in the Times? Didn't think so. Among Scherer's entrepreneurial achievements: Employee retention. A 2002 press release bragged that 20% of his employees had been with the company more than 3 years. Or, looked at another way, 80% of the employees were, well, flushed away.