Shady Russian Oligarch Pays No Money For No Apartment!

Choire · 11/08/07 03:20PM

So the $150-million triplex deal trumpeted in the Post today? It's not a deal at all! Our crazy gazillionaire Russian friend Len Blavatnik is not only not planning to buy Manhattan's most expensive apartment in the future, he has already "declined." Ouch, Braden Keil. Update: Says the Post's real estate reporter Mr. Keil: "They should at least have their 'source' go on the record if they want to discredit my story. It's just sour grapes on their part. A letter of intent was signed for those units and that's the story. It doesn't mean he bought it." The Observer story did not say that Keil misreported the letter of intent; they did however say that our Russian friend did not actually have current intent to purchase the apartment.

Dear Kristian, Dear Moby, Dear Braden Keil

Joshua Stein · 09/21/07 09:13AM

Each year (or really, every 11 months and two weeks or so, kinda), the Jews observe Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, during which leather shoes and doing it are totally forbidden. Then there are many apologies. Let it begin with us! Josh is up first because he's the Jewiest.

Braden Keil: Mario Batali "Should Get Back In The Kitchen"

Joshua Stein · 06/15/07 01:20PM

Yesterday Eater published a column by notorious blog-hating chef Mario Batali, appropriately called Why I hate Food Bloggers. Strangely the only boldfaced name Batali singles out in his philippic isn't a blogger at all but a real "journalist," the Post's Mr. Braden Keil. Apropos coverage of Batali's latest victory over his landlord at Del Posto, Batali writes