Every Painful Moment From Last Night's Bachelor Finale Extravaganza

Whitney Jefferson · 03/15/11 01:00PM

It's finally over! Brad Womack's second chance at love has come and gone—and ended in quite a complicated fashion! He proposes to Emily—who accepts—but we discover in the After the Rose special that things aren't exactly peachy now.

The Bachelor: A Tale of Two Cliché Fairytale Dates

Whitney Jefferson · 01/11/11 02:13PM

On The Bachelor, Brad picked two special ladies for individual dates. Ashley was given her very-own fairground, while Jackie got the Pretty Woman treatment and a private Train show in the closed-down Hollywood Bowl. Which date was better?

Love-Refusing Bachelor Brad Womack Runs The Daytime Talk Show Gaunlet

mark · 11/30/07 08:20PM

Remember Brad Womack, the slab of The Bachelor man-beef who ripped out America's heart, doused it in Old Spice, and then set the still-beating organ aflame by failing to pretend he'd fallen for either of the two contestants who'd survived weeks of televised culling? Of course you do. That stuff only happened a week ago! Anyway: after giving him the what-for on yesterday's program, today Ellen DeGeneres invited Womack to her show so that should could get some fucking answers to questions she felt weren't adequately addressed during the post-finale interrogation that repeatedly stole the breath of a studio audience scandalized by his inability to let love heal his tortured soul.