Being Married to Brad Pitt Is "Hard Work"

Gabrielle Bluestone · 12/22/14 07:35PM

This Christmas, let's all say a prayer for Angelina Jolie and the adversity she faces in her blessed marriage to human golden retriever Brad Pitt.

Between Two Ferns Is Back With Bradley Pits and Louis C.K.

Jay Hathaway · 10/23/14 09:50AM

It's been 7 months since Zach Galifianakis interviewed the president on his intentionally awkward internet talk show Between Two Ferns, and now he's back to interviewing "dumb actors" while you laugh from a cringing position. First up: Bradley Pits.

Jimmy Fallon Interviewed Brad Pitt in the Form of a Breakdance

Jay Hathaway · 10/16/14 02:15PM

What's up with Brad Pitt these days? [Pop] [lock] [extended windmill] [exagerrated shrug], basically. At least that's what Pitt('s stunt double) told Jimmy Fallon('s stunt double) in their interview last night, which was conducted in the form of breakdancing.

Angelina Jolie's Kids Goddamn Obsessed With Her Marriage to Brad Pitt

Caity Weaver · 10/16/14 12:33PM

You ever have a friend who was obsessed with your life? Always tryin' to stay over your house and learn your family members' names, then speaking to and about them in a familial tone? Saying, of you and your partner, "Oh my God, I love you guys together. You're seriously like my favorite couple. I wish I were part of the couple. Haha, is that weird? Just kidding, obviously, I like you guys together. Do you ever feel like I am part of the couple?"

Angelina Jolie's Wedding Outfit Had Her Kids' Scribbles All Over It

Caity Weaver · 09/02/14 09:15AM

Used to be Angelina Jolie showed everyone she was a wild angel by allowing the actor Billy Bob Thornton to perform acts of coitus with her and having a godawful dragon tattoo. Now that she's more mature, she has to dream up new ways to subvert our perceptions—of what a bride should wear on her wedding day; of what is and is not appropriate to do with the actor Billy Bob Thornton.

Brad Pitt Is Going to Play the "Bud Light Lime" Army General

Adam Weinstein · 04/15/14 09:49AM

Michael Hastings' book on the Afghanistan war, The Operators, is set to be made into a movie, and Brad Pitt is reportedly being tapped to play Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the Bud Light Lime-swilling war architect who lost his job thanks to Hastings' unflattering profile.

Caity Weaver · 11/19/12 11:27AM

Jennifer Aniston's fiancé allegedly invited Brad and Ang to her wedding. Jolie's wedding gift: burning down the church.

Celebrities' Embarrassing Parents: A Compendium

Caity Weaver · 07/06/12 04:05PM

On Tuesday Brad Pitt's hometown paper published a hyper conservative letter-to-the-editor from his mom that stopped just short of identifying Barack Hussein Obama as a Muslim terrorist. Now his close personal friends (everyone on the Internet) cannot stop gossiping about it.