Fashion Week Goes Off into the Sunset

Brian Moylan · 09/15/11 05:09PM

That soft galloping you hear is the clack of a million pairs of high heels marching off into the distance. Yes, fashion week is ending. And while we'll miss our time in its glamorous thrall, we think we'll survive until February.

Everybody Loves Chris

Richard Lawson · 03/30/11 04:33PM

Apparently Chris Brown, bellicose pop star, still has plenty of fans. Also today: the return of Dana Delaney and Nancy Travis makes us feel like it's 1994 all over again, Bryan Cranston gets a major role, and Kyle Chandler mulls his next move.

Rachel Zoe Has Created a Monster, and Her Name is Taylor

Brian Moylan · 08/24/09 03:08PM

Tonight The Rachel Zoe Project returns to Bravo, which means that evil assistant Taylor Jacobson comes with it. There is a "Taylor" in every office making life hell for everyone, and for that, she must be punished.

Emma Roberts Gives Good Neck

Andrew Belonsky · 08/24/09 05:15AM

Emma Roberts left her mark on her boyfriend, Amy Winehouse can't kick her ex-husband, Paris Jackson took Las Vegas and Candace Bushnell doesn't like the c-word. Good morning! Here's your Monday Gossip Roundup...