Owen Wilson And Woody Harrelson Go For A Swim, Minus One Set Of Swim Trunks

Molly Friedman · 04/07/08 01:25PM

Instead of fussing over headlines linking Owen Wilson to Jennifer Aniston on the set of Marley & Me, should Kate Hudson be more worried about the allure of Woody Harrelson's positively perfect butt? Looking downright McConaughey-esque (at least from behind), Harrelson displayed enviable the enviable skill of Olympic-style cliff-climbing while nude during a swim sesh with longtime pal Wilson in Miami over the weekend. And we couldn't be more delighted. Not only have these pictures edged Woody much higher on our list of celebrity crushes, but they've given The Daily Mail the opportunity to Photoshop a mini-animated tale of Woody's butt's ascent from the Atlantic. Though we highly doubt Owen will fall for the Woodster's cheeks, we couldn't resist taking a closer look ourselves after the jump, including a peek at Owen's much more demure choice of swimwear.

'Times' Shocked By Fratty I-Banker's Take On Skirts!

Maggie · 10/08/07 03:40PM

Despite having written about it a couple of weeks ago, we continue to receive emails about that self-described "articulate and classy" young woman who put her neck out there on Craigslist, flung caution and etiquette to the wind and flat-out asked if anyone could help her nab a guy with a salary of at least a half-million a year. Okay, so Jane Austen might have been just slightly more subtle, but this (alleged!) lady's tactics have captured the interest of many, including the New York Times, which today ran a piece about the idiot i-banker whose pissy response to our little gold digger included his JPMorgan Chase signature.

Is McNally's Allegation of Bruni Sexism Sexist?

Josh · 05/16/07 03:39PM

Balthazar and Pastis owner and possible presidential candidate Keith McNally added further flame to his feud with New York Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni when the Dining section printed McNally's passive-aggressive letter to the paper today. We've already posted the draft, but the published version emphasizes the point that even William Grimes, "the last male restaurant reviewer for The New York Times," gave more stars to chick chefs. But in his femiladyist comparison, McNally neglects to mention any of the Times's female restaurant critics (Mimi Sheraton, Ruth Reichl, Marian Burros). Does McNally think only men can be sexist? There's a complicated word for that, isn't there? —Josh