Who Has Taylor Swift Dated: A Brief History of All The Men in the Universe

Caity Weaver · 12/05/12 06:09PM

The White House is buzzing this week over the news that super countrystar Taylor Swift has recently begun hooking up with Harry Styles, a member of One Direction and her 39th boyfriend this year. We're having a hard time keeping track of every man in the universe, so we've assembled here the definitive Rolodex of Taylor Swift's past loves.

Meet Scarlett Johansson's Boob-Obsessed, Non-Celebrity Boyfriend

Maureen O'Connor · 02/02/12 04:58PM

Meet Nate Naylor. He's a New York ad executive, and for the last five months he has been dating Scarlett Johansson. How did this mere mortal manage to capture a celebrity in the finely knit butterfly net of his love? Come, let us obsessively scrutinize everything about this man's life, because he is dating someone famous.

If Your Man Stinks, He Might Have an STD

Brian Moylan · 12/09/11 11:15AM

Men are gross, stinky pigs, right? Right! But did you ever think your man stank because he has an STD? Russian scientists just discovered our nose knows who not to sleep with.

Woman's Mysterious Internet Stalker Turns Out to Be Her Awful Boyfriend

Max Read · 09/21/11 03:15AM

What if you were the victim of an online stalker? Someone who spent three years crafting a campaign against you, who somehow got his hands on nude photos of you and sent them to your family. How could that situation get any worse? What if it turned out your stalker was your boyfriend?

The Stay-at-Home Girlfriend Really Can Have It All

Richard Lawson · 02/22/11 02:49PM

Oh dear. A site called Brokelyn, for the recession-affected Brooklyn dweller, has published a "First Person" article entitled "How to survive as a SAHG (stay-at-home-girlfriend)." Hm! OK. It could be a tongue-in-cheek kind of jokey type thing, right? A humorous essay chronicling the silly misadventures of a young woman stepping into more "traditional" domestic duties while her live-in boyfriend is at work and she's looking for a new job. But... it's just not. It's really just not! Let's observe some samples from Quiana Stokes' strange composition.

16 and Pregnant: Dad's Gone Fishin'

Mike Byhoff · 03/10/10 01:19PM

If a teen ever wants to go on 16 and Pregnant, there are three things MTV demands: Be 16, be pregnant, and have an emotionally abusive boyfriend. The only difference is the boy's hobby. Last night: hunting!