Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Ashley Feinberg · 05/15/15 01:12PM

According to Mitt Romney’s decisively grim Twitter bio, he is simply “Former Governor of Massachusetts”—no more, no less. But it’s time to stop dwelling on the past. Because today, Mitt Romney has found love in former World Champion boxer Evander Holyfield—and that love is the sweetest victory of all.

The Triumph of the Hype

Hamilton Nolan · 05/04/15 09:11AM

The most common sight in Las Vegas early Sunday morning was that of a dejected young man in an extremely boastful Manny Pacquiao t-shirt making his way back to his hotel to change his shirt.

A Moment of Bliss on the Vegas Strip That Soon Will Fade Away

Hamilton Nolan · 05/02/15 12:37PM

An old man sitting on the wall outside the MGM Grand yesterday and smoking a cigarette regarded the protesters streaming by dubiously. “Hey, they say don’t hit women,” he said out loud to no one. “A woman hit me, I’m hittin her back!”

The No Money Team

Hamilton Nolan · 05/01/15 12:17PM

In the sixth round last night, the fight started in the crowd.

The Black Hole of Mayweather-Pacquiao

Hamilton Nolan · 04/30/15 01:27PM

“It’s Jamie Foxx!” The young man standing outside the MGM’s KA Theatre grabbed his girlfriend’s arm. “There! Walking this way!”

It Is Fight Week and Las Vegas Is a Timeless Vortex

Hamilton Nolan · 04/29/15 12:39PM

“You here for the fight?” said my cab driver, who looked like a less successful Guy Fieri. “I used to work for referee Jay Nady, the highest grossing boxing referee of all time.” He gestured out the window at a stoplight. “See that cab? That’s Jay Nady’s cab company right there. The ones with the ‘A.’ The ‘A’ is for asshole. Fuck that guy.”

Mickey Rourke "Beat" a Homeless Man in a Boxing Match

Hamilton Nolan · 12/01/14 09:37AM

Actor and faded tough guy Mickey Rourke, age 62, fought in and won a professional boxing match last Saturday night. His opponent: a "homeless drifter" who clearly took a dive.

Cry of the Tiger: Gawker Employees Punch One Another

Caity Weaver · 07/01/13 09:20AM

After shaking his head dejectedly at our last foray into trend piece fitness (“That sounds like a workout for an old lady, or someone who had been seriously injured”) Gawker’s resident demon-beast of muscle and tears and intensity trapped inside a mild-mannered Floridian body, Hamilton Nolan, made a pitch: Leah Beckmann and I would come to his boxing gym one night after work for a “real” workout, and at the end of the session, he would crown a winner and award them one (1) Buy-One-Get-One-Free Chipotle coupon he had been saving for months for some reason. (He also noted that no prize was necessary because “boxing is its own reward.”)

Wall Street Guys Love to Be Told How Much They Suck at Boxing

Hamilton Nolan · 05/17/12 11:45AM

Meet Eric Kelly: former boxing champion, current extremely embittered trainer of white collar boxers who suck. If they don't know they suck, Eric Kelly makes sure to tell them, and tell them, and tell them. "Yeah they're making money, working on Wall Street," says Eric of his students, "But in their mouth is where all the balls meet." Eric Kelly is genuinely hilarious, assuming you are not one of his students.