So, Here Is a Singing Robot Box With Lips

Max Read · 07/13/11 09:02PM

This is a "robot mouth" developed by Professor Hideyuki Sawada. It is, uh, "singing" a Japanese nursery rhyme called "Kagome Kagome." Fear not! Its intentions—"to help hearing-impaired people improve their speech"—are noble. So far. Soon, its horrible moans will provide the soundtrack to the ritualistic setting afire of human flesh in the "Robot Spring" of 2017. Perhaps if you learn to mimic its mechanical wail you will be allowed to live, in some kind of serving capacity. Probably not, though. [via PopSci]

2,000 Cardboard Boxes Make It Rain

Casey Chan · 04/28/11 10:20PM

Fake rainfall is therapeutic. The pit pat pitty patty pat pat pit sound reminds me of childhood days peering out the window in wonderment. So peaceful! An art installation by Zimoun in collaboration with Architect Hannes Zweifel re-creates the sound of falling rain with 2,000 cardboard boxes and 200 DC motors. The motors, attached to the boxes, gently whip the cardboard to make the soundtrack. I'm going to fall asleep listening to this tonight. [Vimeo]

Cat Tries to Fit into Progressively Smaller Boxes

Christopher Han · 11/14/10 08:45PM

This cat is used to snuggling into a certain sized box. His owner has decided to play a trick by replacing that box with an identical, but smaller box. Cat is confused but tries anyway.

Team Attempts to Put Giant Box Over Leaking Oil Well

Ravi Somaiya · 05/07/10 09:53AM

BP's latest wheeze is to place a "100-tonne concrete-and-steel box" over the leaking oil well. Which seems ludicrously, childishly, simple as an idea, but is apparently not. "We haven't done this before," said BP spokesman David Nicholas, according to the Guardian. "It's very complex and we can't guarantee it [will work]."