These Photos Do Not Count In Our Republican Bounty Contest

Jim Newell · 01/13/12 05:15PM

Touché to Michael, a.ka. commenter MichaelX, for his quick response to our Republican Primary Bounty List. He sent us several photos of Republican candidates getting makeup applied, and will be duly rewarded with a check for $22.75. But now that this loophole has been exploited once, we'll clarify the rules for all future submissions: We want your original photos of candidates in the compromising, humiliating positions listed, not professional photos that you might find on a simple Google Image search.

The 2012 Republican Primary Bounty List: Help Us, Help You Find The Truth About These Candidates

Jim Newell · 01/12/12 05:47PM

The Republican presidential nominating contest is blowing wide open, as candidates move from the boring grassroots-organizing lowlands of Iowa and New Hampshire to the broader markets of South Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Colorado, and everywhere else. So we've compiled a list of collectibles that you — the resident, reporter, operative, thief, cad, provocateur, etc. — can procure for your beloved Gawker Political Desk in return for fair compensation. What are we looking for?