Do You Have This Video of Ted Cruz in a Pink Boa and Underwear? We'll Pay You For It

Ashley Feinberg · 04/25/16 12:00PM

A little over a week ago, Ted Cruz’s daughters managed to tolerate their father’s presence for an entire hour while being interviewed on CNN. But being rendered temporarily blind and deaf by Ted’s soup admission, we seem to have missed the night’s (other) big reveal: Multiple copies exist of a video of Ted Cruz dressed as, I guess, a princess, maybe? And friends, readers, countrymen, we want that video.

Got Trump's Video of "Thousands and Thousands" of New Jersey Residents Cheering on 9/11? We'll Pay For It

Ashley Feinberg · 11/23/15 05:38PM

On two separate occasions this weekend, increasingly less-crypto crypto-fascist Donald Trump made reference to a video of thousands of Arab-Americans in Jersey City, New Jersey cheering as the Twin Towers fell on 9/11. Thus far, absolutely no one has been able to verify this claim, most likely because the video never actually existed in the first place. But on the infinitesimally small chance it is out there and you’ve got it—we want to see it and we’re willing to pay.

We'll Pay $1,000 for the Video of Maddow and Limbaugh Dancing Salsa

Max Read · 10/20/14 12:36PM

There is—if this overheard-in-a-taxi "@NYCTaxiCabTales" is to be believed—a video of "Rachel Maddow and Rush Limbaugh danc[ing] Salsa all night" at a "private club on 5th Ave." If you are the security guy who has the tape, we'd love to watch it.