Weather Service Prophet Warns Colorado of "Biblical Rainfall"

Ken Layne · 09/12/13 01:42PM

How do you warn people that the flooding situation is really dangerous around Boulder, Colorado? A forecaster for the National Weather Service used some good old Bible terror in this morning's Denver/Boulder update. Is this modern-day Noah collecting raccoons and deer and stray pit bulls, right now?

Meet 'Skye,' the Porta Potty Peeping Tom and Would-Be Spiritual Pimp

Max Read · 06/26/11 02:41PM

Last week, America was captivated by the heartwarming story of an unidentified drifter who hid inside a porta potty—like, inside, a porta potty—at a yoga festival in order to watch women, well, you know. Well! The gentleman has been found, and arrested. His name is Luke Chrisco, alias, Skye Oryan, and he began peeping while "living in the woods in France years ago." Shall we hear what he has to say, courtesy the Daily Camera and KDVR?

Peeping Tom Hid Inside Porta Potty

Max Read · 06/21/11 10:17PM

Police in Boulder are currently on the lookout for a man who was apparently hiding inside a porta-potty at last week's Hanuman Yoga Festival. Let that sink in for a second.

The 4/20 Weed Cloud That Ate Boulder, CO

Seth Abramovitch · 04/21/11 01:48AM

How did you celebrate 4/20? Well, you could have lit up a spliff the size of a Volkswagen Beetle and it still wouldn't have come close to what the pothead population of Boulder cooked up. Watch in amazement as a cloud of marijuana smoke steadily grows above a gathering of 4/20 celebrants. Then watch it grow denser and larger still, as coughs and beach balls bounce throughout crowd. The video cuts off before the unruly mob discusses raiding a nearby Costco for free samples, then gives up in a moment of weed-induced apathy. But it's still pretty awe-inspiring nonetheless.

Guy Shoots Himself While Sleepwalking

Adrian Chen · 10/27/10 08:11PM

Why do people keep loaded guns near their bed while they sleep? For every crime in progress this stops, another three or four guys probably shoot themselves while sleepwalking. Like this man, who shot himself in the knee.

Streets of Fire

Max Read · 09/08/10 02:57AM

[Colorado is on fire. Well, part of it, anyway: This is from outside of Boulder; some 92 structures have been destroyed and another eight damaged. Pic via AP.]