Boston Got Lots of Excuses All of a Sudden

Hamilton Nolan · 03/18/15 09:10AM

It wasn't so long ago that Boston, a highway rest stop on the road from New York to Maine, was pining for the world's spotlight and asking to host the Olympic games and generally be the center of attention. My, how things change.

Boston's Number One Sweetheart Partially Buries New Yorker's Car in Snow

Jay Hathaway · 02/17/15 10:20AM

Just when you thought everyone in Boston was a dick, here's a good samaritan tale that will make you rethink your most deeply held beliefs regarding Massholes. When one Bostonian found someone with New York plates parked in his carefully shoveled spot, he took all the snow he had removed earlier and dumped it on top of the offending car ... but he was nice enough to leave the passenger door uncovered in case of emergency.

Miserly Harvard Professor Harasses Chinese Restaurant Over $4

Taylor Berman · 12/09/14 05:20PM

If a restaurant overcharges you by $4, there are two reasonable options: You could 1) not worry about it—it's only four dollars, after all, or 2) politely ask for your money back. If you're a huge asshole, there's a third option: You could write five emails—totaling hundreds of words—over three days demanding a refund of $12, a price increase you calculated using your dick-ish understanding of obscure Massachusetts law.

The Fung Wah Bus Still Doesn't Have Its Shit Together

Andy Cush · 10/02/14 03:25PM

The Fung Wah bus, a rolling sardine can that once carried passengers from Boston's South Station to the foot of the Manhattan Bridge and back for a mere $15 each way, failed its latest attempt to get back on the road. Depending on your outlook, this is either very good or very bad news.

Hamilton Nolan · 09/17/14 04:36PM

"The Equalizer" is a new gangster movie set in Boston. "Boston is a city of venerable neighborhoods, rich cultural history and academic distinction... So how did the meditative crime drama become the most consistent motif for Boston in the movies?" Probably because of boring wack people.

Police Find 12 Dead Bodies Inside Boston-Area Storage Unit

Andy Cush · 07/18/14 03:30PM

Everyone is guilty of a little procrastination sometimes. If you're a writer, you might screw around for an hour before actually putting together a blog post; if you're a mechanic, perhaps you let a few repairs pile up before handling them. Funeral directors are no different: sometimes you just have to fill a storage unit with dead bodies until you get around to a proper burial.