GG · 04/16/13 05:52AM


Cowboy Hat-Wearing Hero of Boston Bombings Is Famed Peace Activist

Taylor Berman · 04/16/13 12:12AM

There were hundreds of heroes in the aftermath of Monday's tragic bombing attacks in Boston. Doctors, police officers and even former NFL players responded with tremendous courage and saved lives. Carlos Arredondo — easily recognizable in photos and videos because of his cowboy hat — was one of those heroes and is prominently featured in two of the more memorable and traumatic images from Monday's attack.

President Obama: "Any Responsible People or Groups Will Feel the Full Weight of Justice"

Kate Bennert · 04/15/13 05:42PM

President Obama held a no-nonsense press conference moments ago where he promised to bring any responsible parties to justice, but clarified that they had no information yet on who those responsible parties might be. He expressed sympathy for the victims, stating that he and Michelle are sending their "deepest thought and prayers to the families of the victims," and assured us that Boston would have every single federal resource available to them. If only it didn't seem as if the President had addressed the nation in a time of tragedy far too many times in recent history.

Raw Videos of the Boston Marathon Explosions

Kate Bennert · 04/15/13 04:26PM

After one blast went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon this afternoon, people—reporters and spectators—grabbed their cameras only to witness a second blast in nearly the same location. One of the first videos from the finish line (above) shows many runners collapsing from the trauma of the blast. Below, victims are shown being wheeled away from the scene.

Three Dead and Over 100 Injured After Two Blasts Rock Boston Marathon

Max Read · 04/15/13 04:03PM

At least two homemade bombs detonated at the finish line of the Boston Marathon in Copley Square just before 3 p.m. today, setting off explosions that killed three people and injured more than 100, many of whom lost limbs. According to early reports, three other explosive devices were found nearby, one of which was set off by police in a controlled detonation (a simultaneous fire at the JFK Library is said to have been unrelated). There are no suspects in custody, but police are searching for a person of interest who tried to gain access to a restricted area just before the bombs went off.

Three Dead and Over 100 Injured After Two Blasts Rock Boston Marathon

Cord Jefferson · 04/15/13 01:58PM

Two explosions tore through downtown Boston today, killing at least three of the thousands of people who'd gathered to watch that city's famous marathon race. The explosions went off near the race's finish line, causing mass panic and ripping off people's limbs, according to early eyewitness accounts. Explosives units have been dispatched to investigate another suspicious device in the area as EMTs and doctors attend to the reportedly dozens of wounded.