Serbian Prime Minister Attacked at Massacre Memorial Service

Brendan O'Connor · 07/12/15 10:00AM

On Saturday, crowds chased Serbian prime minister Aleksandar Vucic away from a memorial service at a graveyard in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where tens of thousands of people had gathered to mark the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre.

Violence Erupts in Rome as Occupy Wall Street Goes Global

Max Read · 10/15/11 12:11PM

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world marched on dozens of cities on Saturday, joining the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations against greed, inequality and everything else that's screwed up right now.

War Criminal Websites!

Michael Weiss · 07/23/08 11:09AM

My mom can't turn on a Dell laptop but a genocidaire has his own URL. Radovan Karazdic, the Serbian politician responsible for the Srebrenica massacre, was captured Monday after walking freely for a decade through the streets of Belgrade disguised as a Zen Karl Marx called Dr. Dragan Dabic. Karazdic is a trained psychologist and fancies himself a poet, so it makes sense, albeit in a sick, macabre way, that he spent a goodly portion of his time in non-hiding as an alternative medicine guru in a Serbian clinic and a contributor to a magazine called Healthy Life. Also, according to one young acquaintance Maja Djelic, bitching about his no-frills website. (Disturbing Chinese proverbs quoted on it include "The one who gives up his own, should dig two graves.") It's like happening upon Eichmann's MySpace or Saddam's Twitter. The inevitable "He seemed like such a sweet mass murdering revanchist" quote below:

"Hillary Clinton emerged from the jump door and crawled feet first down the fuselage toward the tail with no regard whatever for her own safety."

Pareene · 04/01/08 04:01PM

An emailer recalls an epic adventure, involving a certain candidate whose heroism under fire we've all come to respect: "I remember back in 1978 when I was in Airborne School at Ft. Benning. We were on our night jump, the last before we would graduate and get our coveted wings. Once again, I was scared to death and just wanted it all to be over. I could smell the acrid sweat from the men in my stick as they waited behind me. Whatever had possessed me to volunteer for this?


Pareene · 03/31/08 10:11AM

Remember when Hillary Clinton told that crazy lie about flying into Bosnia with Sinbad and evading sniper fire and killer robots or something, and it turned out she just stepped off a plane and heard a poem from a little girl? The New York Post finally tracked down that little girl, who is now 20. And they took a hilarious photo of her looking serious and holding up the poem. Headline: "FROM BAD TO VERSE FOR HILL." What does that even mean? The little girl was just confused by Senator Clinton's crazy story of snipers and werewolves so the Post found some random other Bosnians who were outraged, angered, and disappointed. Representative quotes: