Scientists, of All People, Call Something Boring

Hamilton Nolan · 11/30/10 04:43PM

Bee colors! Useless vitamins! Bad medicine! Big mammals! Cell trickery! Eating kids! Deer danger! And something else extremely boring! It's your Tuesday Science Watch, where we watch science—and try not to doze off, because dang!

House Full Of Bloggers Exactly As Cool As You Would Think

Hamilton Nolan · 03/09/08 11:47AM

What's going on in our nation's capital? I'll tell you what: Bloggers! Four young, liberal bloggers occupy a single row house in DC, meaning that a major paper is contractually obliged to cover the phenomenon as a trend. A slow-moving, couch-based trend. We learn that the roommates in "the Flophouse" send IMs to each other when they're all at home; that they write about stuff that goes on the house on their blogs; and that "These bloggers are the cool kids who know they're smart, like some Seth Rogen character with a Ph.D. from Harvard's Kennedy School." Sure! This antisocial scene reminds me of nothing so much as the current incarnation of THIS: