J.Lo and Iggy Izalea's Ass Cracks Scare ABC Execs to Death

Allie Jones · 11/20/14 08:26AM

The butts of two almost-the-same-age performers, Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea, are haunting the dreams of the ABC executives responsible for the live broadcast of the American Music Awards this Sunday. Not in a sexy way, in a scary way!

J. Lo Made Iggy Azalea Wear a Dirty Swimsuit

Caity Weaver · 09/19/14 01:10PM

As the Summer of Butts fades into golden autumn, a Bronx-born single mother has released her own "viral" butt YouTube in the hopes of capitalizing on a trend sweeping the nation like a butt abruptly dropped very low and skimmed lightly over a dance floor (or regular floor).

Channing Tatum's Booty Clap

Rich Juzwiak · 07/03/12 11:05AM

Skip to the 1:20 mark for what you didn't see in Magic Mike: Channing Tatum making Hollywood's best male ass clap. What will he do next to keep us fanning ourselves collectively? The world is such an exciting place.

How Nicki Minaj's Booty Stole the Show on SNL

Whitney Jefferson · 01/31/11 10:00AM

Sure, the most-talked about moment of Saturday night was Mark Zuckerberg's awkward exchange with Jesse Eisenberg during the opening monologue. But did Zuck have an entire sketch written around his behind? I think not.

Kate Beckinsale Demands a Booty Double

ian spiegelman · 06/15/08 12:08PM

Flaming hot Underworld star Kate Beckinsale thinks her butt's too big! "She has a slim, toned figure that most women would die for. But Kate Beckinsale has demanded a body double for her latest film-because she 'loathes' her bottom. Producers have had to hire a £1,000-a-day nude stand-in after Kate, 34, refused to bare her derriere in a shower scene. In the past the actress, who earns £3.2million for a film, has not been shy of squeezing into sexy clothing and almost showed her bottom in Uncovered in 1994. But a source on her new film Whiteout said: 'Kate has a terrible self-image. She thinks she is fat and she is always complaining how certain outfits make her bottom look big. Of course, the reality is that she has the most amazing body.'" Almost showed her bottom in Uncovered you say? Screen grab after the jump!