New York Times Launches Blog for Under-Represented 'Boomer' Demographic

Max Read · 09/13/12 10:11AM

Why has The New York Times launched a new blog aimed at Baby Boomers, when the paper itself is already a testament to the sick, sad reign of the Jerks that Ruined Everything? "Our generation, the biggest in the country's history, has always given ourselves and everyone else lots to talk about," writes Michael Winerip in the opening post. "Booming [This is the name of the blog, LOL — Ed.] offers a wide-open space for these conversations."

America's Idea of 'Ultimate Fitness System' Is Videogames, Fidgeting

Hamilton Nolan · 06/28/11 05:10PM

Heart exercise! Male infertility! Blood transfusion! Belly fat! Boomer exercise! Smashing drumsticks! Fidget fitness! UFC games! And the Ultimate Fitness System, revealed! It's your Tuesday Fitness Watch, where we watch fitness—begrudgingly!

Beware of Barfly Banking Chaperones

Lauri Apple · 05/15/11 10:11AM

The next time you're getting drunk in some bar — let's call it Boomer's — and a stranger suddenly offers to take you to the bank and help you open up a new account, maybe don't go with them. Yeah, just keep on drinking.